Elevation Polish: How to wear Brown Jelly Polishes *long post*

Hi Everyone

YAY!!! Fun post today! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages in my inbox asking for suggestions on how to wear the Elevation Polish Brown Jelly Trio. I know many of you are like me “Nail Art Challenged” so making the attempt to do Chalkboard Nail’s Tortoise Shell nails is too scary to even think of. Although it is beautiful!

I even though I knew it would be a challenge I did attempt the Tortoise shell mani twice. First one was before the tutorial that Chalkboard nails did, so it turned out not so great. Second attempt using the tutorial was so much more awesome. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. It was so much easier than I thought it would be.

Here is a link for the Tortoise Shell Nail Art (Side note: Isn’t her nail art amazing!)

Chalkboard Nails Tortoise Shell Nail Art Tutorial

Another one of my favorite bloggers did an amazing job recreating the tortoise shell mani

Pointless Cafe

I know that browns are sort of hard to wear. It’s not a color everyone would think would look good on them. It’s all about finding the right brown for your skin tone. Sort of like picking a foundation. It might take a little trial and error. Browns are of course my favorite polish color. I think they can be so elegant, delicate, bold and classy.

Take a peek at Blogger Idanailsit’s blog post about the brown jelly trio. Her pictures really show off how beautiful, squishy and soft the brown jelly trio really is.

IdaNailsIt Brown Jelly Trio

I had a few questions about what glitter polish I used to do the glitter sandwiching in my product photos. It was a custom gold and brown glitter polish made for me by another nail polish maker. It’s quickly become one of my favorites. Hopefully one day I can convince her to make it for the masses. it’s just too beautiful not to share. *cough cough, you know who you are.. please make more of this polish goodness*

Some of you might know that I’m a huge supporter and fan of indie polishes. Little pieces of art in a bottle. So unique and beautiful. Indie polish makers do the BEST glitter polishes. I’ve chosen a handful of my favorite glitter polishes to show what different ways you can use glitters & Brown Jelly trio in jelly sandwiches … Oh man It was really hard to narrow it down to so few. This post would be too huge if I decided to show off all of my favorites.

Oh with the pictures!









2 coats of each of the Trio then 1 coat of Northern Star Lacquer‘s Sunburst, then one more coat of the trio

2 Coats of the Trio, 1 coat of Pahlish‘s Great wide Open, then 1 more coat of the Trio

2 coats of the Trio, 1 coat of Polish Revolution glitter herpes and then 1 more coat of the trio

2 Coats Trio, 1 coat Crowstoes Jingle Balls, then 1 more coat of the Trio

2 coats Brown Jelly Trio, 1 coat Sonoma Nail Art Clockwork, then one last coat of the Trio

2 Coats Brown Jelly Trio, 1 coat Lumina Lacquer Sea Star, then one last coat of the Brown Jelly Trio (this one is prettier in person)

If your not a fan of glitter and not so great at nail art but would love to try. I found this really simple nail art. I can’t find the original blog where this was posted so if you know please email me so I can give the blogger full credit.

It’s called the Mountain Mani but I think it looks more like Rolling Hills Mani. It’s so easy to do. No special tools needed just take a little bit of time and patience between coats.

What I used was Elevation Polishes Tindur (a light blue would also look pretty) Then the Brown Jelly Trio followed by Seche Vite Top Coat. Take a peek at my process.

Rolling Hills Mountain Mani

Step 1: Put on Tindur or other blue tinted white, or light blue, Let completely dry
Step 2: Put on Temperance (Brown Jelly Trio)

Step 3: Put on the next layer Cascade (Brown Jelly Trio)

Step 4: Add on the final layer Tettegouche (Brown Jelly Trio)

Step 5: Seal it all with a top coat

Then Finally I thought I would share this amazing picture my husband found of Tettegouche. it really captures the mood and coast line that you’ll see while on the trail.

Layne Kennedy’s Photography Website (Picture of Tettegouche state park) Picture #2

I hope that this post is helpful or at least fun to look at….

The Elevation Polish Brown Jelly Trio will be restocked on my website (elevationpolish.com) on Feb 7th and there will be one final restock on March 7th. Then they will be going back into the polish vault.

Cheers to great polishes,


8 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: How to wear Brown Jelly Polishes *long post*

  1. Love your Rolling Hills Mountain Mani Lu!! I am so gonna have t try it!! Thanks also for showing all the glitter/jelly manis. Really liking the one with clockwork! šŸ™‚

  2. LOVE the rolling hills mountain! I also love Chalkboard Nails – any nail art I have ever been successful at has been thanks to her! I do not often think of brown polishes but once I get them on I am in love.

  3. I didn’t realize that you are a Minnesotan! Guess that show how much I pay attention, I mean, it does say “Minnesota Time” right there at the top of your blog. Love this trio and the “rolling hills” are lovely.

  4. I got the trio and love it but the caramel shade is very transparent. I tried to do the tortoise shell but I need more practice. Maybe I need to lay down two coats of the caramel before adding the other colors.

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