Elevation Polish: Jan 22nd Restock

Hello Fellow Polish Lovers,

I apologize that the website was a mess going into this restock. I know it was hard to find the polishes/listings you all were looking for. Everything should be in it’s place now and easy to find.

Also there was a snafu again with the discount codes. None of them are currently working. Please email me if you could not get your discount/credit codes to work so I can manually handle your refunds. Next restock I’ll be roadtesting the codes before they go out to make sure they work.

I’m currently working through all the emails. Be patient I’ll be up as long as I possibly can tonight working on those.

3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Jan 22nd Restock

  1. You’re a doll! I didn’t have much problems on the site, minus the fact I can never get any samples!! LOL I emailed you, too. I am actually very worried right now about my EPM status!! :/ Looking forward to hearing back, but no rush…

  2. So bummed I missed Jungfrau and Marmolada. Oh well, hopefully they are restocked and I will have the opportunity next time. 🙂 I just made my first purchase from you though and I’m super excited!

  3. I just wanted to say that I had no troubles with your website, everything was easy to find, just sold out! HUGE congratulations on the success of this restock!

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