Elevation Polish: Website is down

Hi Everyone

I wanted to explain why Elevation Polish’s website is currently down.

My Elevation Polish paypal account has been hijacked. Paypal has assured me that it will be restored either tomorrow or the next day. Until then all shipping has halted (since I use paypal for shipping) and I’ve put the website on maintenance mode so no new orders can come in.

If you have an outstanding order. Rest assured that your order will ship out within the next day or two and will ship in the order they came in.

I will be taking this time to update the website and prepare the great new colors I’ve got coming out for the 7th of the month restock. I’ve got several amazing samples polishes being released this restock. Including some oldie but goodies,  some active prototypes and yes, more circle glitter polishes.

(Edit to add) My paypal debit card # was stolen. Customer Data & info was not compromised. All of your emails, addresses and other data is safe and sound.

Cheers to great polishes,


4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Website is down

  1. Any word on the website? Stinks about your Paypal, very sorry to hear that. Happened to me once too. They took way too long to fix it! Anyway…I don’t really know if I would like to order the three brown jellies yet–I think so, but I’m short on cash this month and it would surely help to see some pictures–here or at the site! thanks!!

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