Elevation Polish: Sneak Peak Marmolada & Jungfrau

It’s time for a sneak peek (peak) at two of the colors I’ve got lined up for January 7th’s restock. I thought I would show these two together. At first sight they look like they might be similar but they are so different. The only thing they share is a dusty medium blue base.

Here they are together

Left: Marmolada

Right: Jungfaru

First Up Marmolada

Shown with 1 coat over Butter London Artful Dodger. Jungfrau has a very jelly base and depending on how much you like the jelly finish you might want to pair it with a color underneath. It’s base is a dusty blue that is brighter than my pictures would suggest. It’s got Light Blue & Silver circle glitter in 2 sizes, Silver micro glitter & lavender hexes

Angled Bottle Shot

Dark Iphone swatch photos

Next up the very complex Jungfrau

Shown 2 coats no under color + Top coat. Jungfrau is a medium blue shimmer polish. It’s very hard to photograph. It’s in the medium blue family. It’s got green small flake shimmer that will shift to blue and then the best part. You may notice the black flecks. The Black flecks are medium sized black shift to red flake shimmer. Most of the time the flake shimmer will look black but in certain lights it will shift to red. That is what makes this one so hard to photograph. I’ve got lots of pictures of this one. I can’t wait to see how the bloggers photograph this.

Angled Bottle Shot

Several Swatch Pictures (all in different lights)

Please forgive my nails. I’m nursing cold weather skin & a torn cuticle. It’s been a losing battle. I’ll post links to blog posts from the bloggers I’ve sent the polishes to once they’ve got them up and running. I can’t wait to see their pictures. They always take such marvelous pictures.

Blogger Swatches

Fingers Polish Mania (funky french)

Pointless Cafe (Marmolada)

Pointless Cafe (Jungfrau)



6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Sneak Peak Marmolada & Jungfrau

  1. These are both so gorgeous Lu!! You’ve done it again though I’m not surprised!! 🙂

    And that second one will match my eyes perfectly. Thanks for thinking of me! LOL

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