Elevation Polish: Restock

Hi Everyone

Amazing turn out for the restock this evening. I had a lot of emails coming in about my current production rates and how disappointed you all were that things had again sold out very quickly.

I’m still showing 25+ available with many colors on my big cartel site (as of 10:44 PM CST)

I did increase production for this restock 2 fold with the exception of Daisen which will be a 3 fold production increase. A lot of my elevation polish members unexpectedly decided to order backups which I didn’t account for when I went into production. It put a huge dent into my stock. So I decided to make it a pre-order polish so that I could get it in the hands of as many people as I thought I could with my current supplies. I then decided I didn’t want too many Etsy (daisen) orders to go unfulfilled so I only released what I had left from my available stock which was small (only 2 polishes)

I’m sure your all bored with the ins and outs of my thought process behind elevation so lets move on to the fun stuff.

The Charity Event Donation Handoff has been scheduled and Ipads are already on order. It’s amazing the response from all that participated in October’s auction for charity event. It was so much fun and it was for such a great cause. I’ll be uploading the donation picture on Oct 12/13th and be on the look out for an elevation polish shout out on Chrestomathy, Inc’s website. With your help we made an incredible donation. This is going to be so great for Chrestomanthy participants. The learning and communication applications are going to make a big impact.

& A little sneak peek as two of the polishes coming out this December just for fun.
“The Wit” & “Street side, NYC”

I also want to say thank you for being patient with me as Elevation polish goes through it’s growing pains. It really is a labor of love and I couldn’t do this without all of your support.

❤ Lulu

8 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Restock

    • Daisen isn’t going anywhere. I plan on restocking it as long as the materials to make it are still available. Which I hope is a long time.

  1. That blue is gorgeous Lu! And the other one; is it a topper or does it get opaque? The two colors looks good together.

    Thanks for another awesome month of polishes! 🙂

    • Street side, NYC can be worn in 1 coat with no undies to achieve full coverage. In some cases like the thumb it might require 2 coats just to make sure the application is even.

      YAY I’m glad they make a good pairing. I’m loving how this collection turned out. I can’t wait to show off the rest.

  2. Gotta tell ya! Just got my order and I absolutely love this group of polishes! They are all so gorgeous! Thanks for another great order. 🙂

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