Elevation Polish: News Restock & New big cartel site

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is safe and sound after yesterdays force of nature.

Tonight I will be unveiling the new big cartel site. You may notice some cosmetic differences but the real work has all been done behind the scenes. Smoother check out for your PC,MAC & Mobile devices.

I’m still working on uploading all the pictures and descriptions. You may also notice that some polishes are missing from the site. They will all be there by the 7th.

I’ve got a lot of questions in my inbox about the availability of certain colors.
Please refer to the tabs/pages at the top (listed under colors).

There is an A-Z polish list with statuses next to it.

Colors that will be available during the 7th of the month restock

Colors that will be available during the 22nd of the month restock

Memberships for November
I’m always striving to make this as smooth as possible. This will be the first month with the dual restocks (7th & 22nd) Please read your membership emails carefully.

And for those of you on the east coast. I will hold off on shipping your polishes until the postal system in your area is back to normal. Just tell me in your email that you’d like them held and then again when you’d like them shipped.

Membership emails will be going out later this evening and into tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: News Restock & New big cartel site

  1. Haven’t been on the computer much at all the past few days and what a joy to go through my emails and see an Elevation one!! I’ve missed you Lu!
    It’s been a long month and looking forward to have Elevation back in the lineup for November!! Thanks for the update.

    Elevation – My drug of choice!! 🙂

  2. Did I miss something? I was looking for the aforementioned new BigCartel Site and can’t find it in the post above. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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