Elevation Polish: November 7th Restock Line up *Pic heavy*

Hi Everyone. Welcome to this very picture heavy post.

The november 7th restock is right around the corner. The new big cartel site is almost finished. So far it’s beautiful and the functionality for mobile devices is amazing! I can’t wait to unveil it. As you can probably tell my blog is still a work in progress but it’s coming around.

Couple of reminders for this restock

  • I will no longer be doing combined shipping
  • The flip side of that is packages will be going out much quicker
  • I’ll have much higher inventory levels as I increased production 2 fold.

Now for the bad news. Harhiraa has been cancelled. At the 4 month testing mark one of the main glitters started to tint the base too much. I’ll be posting pictures in the next couple of days. The glitters still all look the same but the base is no longer clear. I’m going to let you the readers decide if it’s something I should release or not.

Now for the good news!!

  1. The new labels are in. They are fabulous! They do have a generic list of ingredients on the bottle. The color name will be on the bottom. No more labels peeling off the bottle. YAY! These labels will stay securely on the bottle for a long time and are water resistant.
  2. Azure Caverns (the blue version of marble caves) turned out so beautiful. I intended to have this be a limited edition also but I love it so much that I’m going to keep it in stock for at least the next 3 months. I’m going to see if I can keep it around even longer than that.

Here is the full November 7th Line up (all these colors will be stocked/restocked)

  • Matsuda (Japan Collection)
  • Kita (Japan Collection)
  • Daisen (Japan Collection)
  • Toubkal (Morocco Collection)
  • Colline du Charf (Morocco Collection)
  • Jbel Ayachi (Morocco Collection)
  • M’Goun (Morocco Collection)
  • Aphubel (Kickin’ it ole school collection)
  • Cerro Torre- low inventory (Kickin’ it ole school)
  • Mount Yu- reincarnation of Yushan (Kickin’ it ole school collection)
  • Pico do Fogo (kickin’ it ole school collection)
  • The Arches (Kickin’ it ole school collection)
  • Azure Caverns (no collection name)

I want to thank Ida (from Ida nails it) & Cilucia (from Spaz & Squee) for helping me with swatch pictures for the morocco collection.

Ida’s beautiful swatches can be found on her website. (click the links for each color)
Jbel Ayachi
Colline du Charf

Macro Shots & Swatch pic from Cilucia

Colline du Charf


M’Goun ( 1 coat over Colline du charf)

Jbel Ayachi (1 coat over essie sag harbor)

Bottle Shots of the Kickin’ it ole School Collection

(L-R) Pico do fogo, Cerro Torre, The Arches, Mount Yu, Alphubel

Bottle Shots of the Morocco Collection
(L-R) Colline du Charf, Jbel Ayachi, M’Goun, Toubkal

& Lastly Here is Azure Caverns (2 coats, no undies or top coat)

Indoor Swatches

Outdoor Swatches

❤ Lulu

13 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: November 7th Restock Line up *Pic heavy*

  1. I keep dying and going to heaven Lu!! I hope when the time comes (another hope; not for a very long time!:p) heaven will be as pretty as your polishes.
    Once again loving them ALL sooo much!!
    You will always be the Polish It Girl to me!! 🙂

    • The ice cap that was available during the auction will not be a part of any of the upcoming collections. There was a glitter element that is no longer available. I might although make some adjustments to it and release it *possibly* in January.

  2. Soooo beautiful!
    Question: will you be restocking Sarychev? I didn’t get it during September restock, thinking that I could get it in October’s, but then October restock got cancelled.

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