Elevation Polish: Thank you!

I just want to say Thank you & WOW!

I have always said that I do have the best customers and this is one of the reasons why. I want to thank you all for your generous bids & kind emails of encouragement. We raised wayyyyy more than expected with this charity auction. Your bids were/are amazing and I can’t wait to share the news with Chrestomathy. I haven’t done the totals yet in my head but they are most impressive thanks to you.

I have updated the Auction page with the final bids. If you have a bid that was higher than the total shown and your bid was made before the 9:00 Pm (CST) deadline. Please send me a forwarded email with the time stamp.

Tiebreakers: Those emails will go out in a few minutes here. (tie breaker emails sent)

Winning Bid Confirmation Emails will also be going out this evening. (confirmation emails sent as of 1:00 AM)

To the question: “Will you be doing an auction style like this again?” The answer would undoubtedly be no. The turn out for this auction was beyond fantastic and it was hard to keep up on the incoming emails. It was very confusing to take this on single handed but it was worth every second for this incredible charity.

I’m over flowing with joy right now. A million times thank you.



2 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Thank you!

  1. So awesome Lu. Glad your beauties brought in more than you expected for your awesome charity.
    My plans for bidding on a few were thwarted by a 101 temp and not waking up to an alarm set at 7pm to put some bids in, but am so happy you did so well. 🙂
    I feel fortunate for the couple I obtained through your BIN. I look forward to seeing all the swatches of your auction beauties!!

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