Elevation Polish: Charity Auction Timeline

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who purchased the buy it now colors. Those should be arriving at your doorstep any day now.

As far as the Auction Colors go. Holy Cow! You guys are awesome! So far we have raised so much more than I could have dreamed of. Thank you so much for your generous giving spirits. Your donations will be making such a huge difference. I was hoping that I could purchase just 1 ipad for chrestomathy but it looks like we are well on the road to getting them 2 iPads, 2 durable cases & proloquo2go (communication app) for each of the ipads. This is so exciting!

Executive Director of Chrestomathy (Linda Moore) & I have determined the date to hand over the donation. The donation will be made on Nov. 1st. We haven’t yet determined how I will show on my blog proof of the donation. We are currently thinking a picture of the two of us holding the iPads? I’m open to suggestions though.

The bidding for the auctions will end at 9 PM (CST) and I will be able to determine the winners by 9:30 PM or so. Bids placed at 9:00 PM (CST) will not be counted as bids. I’ll be updating the auction page on friday a little more often on friday especially nearing auctions close.

For the top 5 bids I’ve got a signed thank you card from Linda Moore (executive director of chrestomathy.) I didn’t want to give her writers cramp by asking her to do more than that.

❤ Lulu

4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Charity Auction Timeline

  1. Lulu, this is SO AWESOME! For those who aren’t familiar, Proloquo2go is THE iPad app for augmentative communication – it is also $190 per iPad, so almost half the cost of an iPad itself. That you will be donating two iPads PLUS two copies of Proloquo is positively amazing!

    YAY for Lulu and yay for everyone who is buying polish for this wonderful cause!!!

    • Isn’t that App amazing! I think it’s worth every penny. It really is the best out there. It’s so easy to use as well. I’m so happy that my polishes could raise enough to make such a generous donation. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it.

  2. That is great Lu. I’m so happy for you that your beautiful creations can bring this kind of help for others.

    Now if we were only able to clone people like you!! 🙂

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