Elevation Polish: Sotllo & Valier Refunds & up coming charity auction

I have gone though all the orders from sept and given out refunds.

My counts though were off by 3 Valier & 1 Sotllo so if you did not receive a refund for your polish(es) please email me so I can process that for you.

August Refunds- Those were processed as well.

For those of you who are getting replacements: tracking numbers will be updated later this evening.


Ok now lets move on to some fun stuff. YAY!

The Charity Auction. I will have more details on this coming in the next week or so. I’ve got a lot of emails asking me to maybe break up and do 50% silent auction & 50% regular purchase for the Charity Polishes. So for those of you were were dreading the auction part of this the trade off will be quick fingers. The system will need some fine tuning and I’ll update more about this as part of next weeks update.

I’ve got batches of Sept16 samples now currently being called “Mathien” pulled, 15 of them. I’ve also pulled several really cool sample polishes and I will be releasing 3 Ama Dablams that never got paid for. 2 normal blends and 1 extra coppery custom blend.

The Date for the charity auction/sale is still TBA as part of next weeks update I’ll give the firm date. It will be around the 20th of October or so.

For those of you wondering about what charity this is for. That will also be a part of next weeks post. But I’m very excited this charity hits really close to home for me. I’m really excited about making this special something happen for them.

Very cryptic I know. It’s part of the excitement.

Cheers to great polishes,

❤ Lulu

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