Elevation Polish: Recall Notice Sotllo & Valier


I’ve gotten 3 emails about the latest batch of Sotllo & Valier. It seems that there wasn’t enough of a key ingredient.

The Batches effected are:

5 Valier(s) from August

7 Sottlo(s) from August


All Valier(s) and Sotllo(s) from September’s restock.

I will be going through and issuing refunds for those of you who purchased these polishes. You will be getting a refund for both the polish and the shipping.

If you purchased these as gifts, for exchanges or for nail competitions. I can pull a limited number of polishes from my archive that have the correct formula. Just let me know via email that you would like to opt for a replacement instead. You will have until Monday to email me.

For the 12 August polishes I kindly ask that you email me with a picture of the effected polish with either the first & last name associated with the purchase or the paypal transaction ID. I would like to organize all the refunds as soon as possible.

Refunds will be processed on Monday Sept 24th.

What to look for in the affected batches

Sotllo- Usually has a moderate amount of pigment settling due to the heavily pigmented nature of the polish. In the effected batch you might see striations on the side (light colored zebra markings) and what appears to be little black beads of a jelly. It will be gritty in texture.

Valier- Same striations (zebra style markings on the side of the bottle) and most if not all of the pigment has fallen to the bottom and is not easily shaken up. Same as Sotllo the heavily pigmented nature of this polish usually there is some pigment settling.

Pictures are very helpful to me. If you have a questions about if your bottle was affected, email me a picture and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be cutting my vacation short so I can handle this situation properly.



4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Recall Notice Sotllo & Valier

  1. Hi Lulu!

    I just checked mine and although the bottles are a little “stripey”, especially the Mont Valier, they apply just fine. One I did have issues with during application though was Pic de Subenuix. This one had little black bits during application. You can’t see them in the bottle, but when applied, you can. I can swatch it and send you a pic if you like?

  2. Thank you for being proactive! You’ve got a forever customer in me! I have one of the new release Valiers and I definitely see what you mean. I will still use it though. I was lemming that color for a long time, so I can work with it!

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