Elevation Polish: News & October restock info

News on October’s restock

This is a decision that weighed very heavy for me. I will be canceling October’s restock. Lower in this post I will explain in detail what all is going on at Elevation HQ. I’d rather error on the side of too much information rather than too little.

I’ve had some good moments of clarity while on vacation here. I’ve been able to evaluate all the ins and outs of making elevation polish possible. We are going to take this month and a half here and get a lot of things done. I had originally slated all this for January but the timing was just too perfect.

What is going on at Elevation HQ?

  • Re-organizing/Ordering my supplies
  • Working on the Newer label (Ingredients listed, no peeling issues, smudge issues however has the same look as before)
  • New setup for the blog (easier to find all the colors)
  • New coding for the website (easier to shop on mobile devices and a new look)
  • Some polishes will be reformulated with better suspension.
  • Devising a plan to get shipping done more accurately and efficiently.
  • Setting up for dividing restocks into 2 parts
  • Sept16 sample charity auction (mid october)
  • and lastly the most important part…. Increasing production.

Changing of Restock dates
I will be continuing to do restocks on the 7th of the month. Additionally I will also be restocking on the 22nd of the month. The restocks will be broken down into 2 parts. The first restock (the 7th) will contain New named collection colors, the previous month’s named collection & Limited Editions. The second restock (the 22nd) will have all other polishes.

Changes in Policy (combined shipping)
I know this isn’t going to be a popular move but in order to get your polishes off in the mail as quick as possible. I will no longer be combining shipping. I believe in doing the combined shipping it was taking too much extra time, resources and causing confusion during the shipping process (i.e. missing polishes) I will be increasing production in a big way so I believe that getting all of the polishes you would like in 1 cart shouldn’t be a problem. I’m 100% sure that the positives out weigh the negatives on this one.

Changes for Memberships

I’m still going to go through with adding member’s to the waitlist. This will happen after my vacation is over and I will be discreetly updating the shopping page on this blog when spots are available. Spots will still be limited even with this increase in production.

For current members. Besides much faster shipping. Not much will change for you. Membership emails will be going out earlier giving you more time to decide on your color choices. Color choices can be any color shown on my big cartel site. Samples will still combine and ship for free (with shipping code.) Feel free to put in an additional membership order during the 22nd of the month restock. Although I won’t be sending out an extra membership email.

October’s Morocco Collection
This collection will be moved into November’s restock. (Nov 7th)
M’Goun has been totally reformulated top to bottom. Drastic new look than the few swatches seen online. The original formula had too tricky of an application to be released.Here is the line up for the morocco collection:

  • Toubkal
  • Jbel Ayachi
  • Colline du Charf
  • M’Goun

November’s Restock (Kickin’ it ole school & Limited Edition)
November’s restock will include some older colors that have been retired. They will be available for only this one restock then back into the polish vault they go. The line up will include:

  • Cerro Torre
  • Pico do Fogo
  • The Arches
  • Alphubel
  • Mount Yu (the reincarnation of Yushan)
  • Azure Caverns (blue version of Marble Caves)
  • Harhiraa (Limited edition for this restock only)

December’s Restock (Urban Elevations)
4 colors are slated for this restock. 1 of which is a niche color that will only appeal to the brave polish wearer. The line up includes:

  • The Wit
  • Ginza
  • Freeway Park
  • Street side (NYC)

January’s Restock (321 metres Collection)

  • Brown Jelly Trio
  • Black Purple Creme
  • Brown Glitter Topper

Thank you so much for reading this far and thank you so much for your patience with Elevation’s growing pains.

As always if you ever have any questions about any of this please comment here or shoot me an email. There might be some lag time until my vacation is done but I will get to your emails as fast as I possibly can.

Cheers to awesome polishes,


6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: News & October restock info

  1. Wow Lu, lots going on.
    I would rather see you make the changes you feel necessary that keep thing running smoothly and being manageable for you, than for you to burn out and not want to produce the lovely polishes you bring all of us. You need to do what is best for you; always.

    I look forward to the new polishes you will be bringing us in November.
    And I’m looking at no polishes in October in a positive light. I won’t miss out on any AND I’ll save money!! lol

    Hope you had a great vacation!! 🙂

  2. Question about November? Will members be able to order any of those polishes or are we going to have to go at it with the rest of the Elevation-lovin’ folk out there?

    • For november’s restock you can choose any color shown on my bigcartel site (morocco, kickin’ it ole school, limited edition, all other colors, besides samples). I ask that members keep to the quantity cap of 2 per color. This will allow non-members to get their hands on these colors too.

    • My store will open back up again on November 7th. With my projected increase of production I imagine “Hig” will be an easier one to obtain.

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