Elevation Polish: Revised Schedule

We are running a little behind here at elevation HQ. Technical difficulties. We’ve since fixed all the issues and we are now prepared for shipping. All packages will go out tomorrow with the exception of echecks pending and Ama pre-orders not yet paid for. Those will go out upon my return.

Big Cartel & Etsy have been closed for vacation.

I will be gone from Sept 13th-the 22nd.
If you need help with anything that is time sensitive please mark your email titles as Urgent. Otherwise emails will be responded to upon my return.

(edit: sept 13th 1:44 am) Packages will continue to ship while I’m away. My hubby will be taking over from here(shipping and emails) international packages will have tracking numbers manually entered as soon as I get the email with the numbers (likely on Saturday, Monday at the latest)

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

5 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Revised Schedule

    • YAY for fixed computers! & Thank you for the b-day wishes. I’m sort of dreading this one… I can’t say I’m 30 anymore… I have to say I’m in my thirties. How lametastic is that. LOL

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