Elevation Polish: Schedule

Hi All
Busy here at Elevation HQ. Big Cartel’s website went down for maintenance this evening right as I was adding membership listings. This is the time I had blocked off to do this so I will pick up where I left off at noon-30.

friday’s post will be about Memberships and how, where and why to get one. It’s the question I get in most.

Restock at 9 pm (CST) on big cartel 9:10 PM (CST) on etsy.

Time is blocked off for combined shipping refunds.

Time is devoted to getting shipping done. If you get an email from paypal with a tracking number Saturday or Sunday it means that your package will go out Monday.

Several trips to the post office. International folks… Your packages will go out monday as well however since I have to take the packages to the post office instead of printing the postage at home. I have to add the tracking/custom IDs manually. I anticipate having those entered by Tuesday.

Any last minute packages go out and final emails responded to

start of my vacation!

It’s my B-day

This blog will shut down, my big cartel will be shut down, etsy will go on vacation and I will not be responding to emails from Tuesday night the 12th until the 19th/20th.

You may notice some changes to the blog & big cartel during this time. My IT guys will be working on a couple of nice changes. New coding for the big cartel site (even more mobile friendly & new updated photos) and re-organization of the color pages on my blog here.

Have a good night everyone,
❤ Lulu

4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Schedule

  1. Happy early birthday Lulu!! I hope you have a great vacation and want to thank you for always explaining everything so clearly to us and updating us!! You absolutely rock!!

  2. Thanks for the update Lu. Anticipation sets in for 9:00pm. It always does for the 7th of the month; 9:00pm!! 🙂

    Have a great birthday!! Relax, paint your nails and just have some fun!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Lulu!! I love your name. I don’t know if that’s your real name, but it was my grandmother’s name.
    Thank you for the explanation of everything. I just have one question, if I may. How do I get on your wait list? 🙂

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