Elevation Polish: Memberships

Today’s post is all about memberships. The ins and outs of how, why and where.
We will start with the basics.

What is an elevation polish membership?
An amazingly great idea a customer gave me. For those of you who want to stay on top of all the new polishes each month including the limited editions. On every 3/4th of the month you will receive an email with descriptions and pictures of the newest colors added to the elevation family. You can decide what if any colors you would like to purchase (including any color that is currently showing up on my big cartel site) Choosing 1 polish or more keeps your elevation polish membership. Choosing none is considered a skip. Skipping 2 months in a row will result in the loss of your spot to make room for others.

Are Samples included in the membership?

No, Members do not have early access or the ability to reserve sample polishes. In many cases I have only one or two of each of the polishes. Which isn’t enough to go around. Collaborations and Polishes for charity are also not included.

What about Discontinued or Retired Colors?

That is also a no. They are not included in the color choices. Discontinued colors I no longer have the ability to make them because one or more of the items used to make it got discontinued by the manufacturer. Retired colors I would have to custom make. I don’t keep a back stock of retired colors.

So, if those aren’t included what is the purpose of a membership? What are the perks?

  • No stalking the website
  • I will work around vacations so you don’t miss out on polishes
  • In some cases you might have first look at polishes coming up in future restocks
  • Your Polishes ship out first
  • If I ever do another pre-order your polishes ship first
  • Your packages ship out via Priority Mail no matter how many polishes you order. It could only be 1 polish. This is extremely handy for my international members. *regular shipping rates do apply*
  • Free shipping code for sample polishes

How much does it cost to become a member?
Membership is free

I’m in. How do I order my polishes?
Once you’ve confirmed with me (via email) which of the colors you would like. A custom listing will be made for you. Custom listings are usually made on the 6/7th. You then have 3 days to check out from the time the listing is created. If you have not checked out within the 3 days. The polishes will go back into available stock. Your custom listing will have a unique 3 letter name. This will be given to you in the email confirming your color choices. Your custom order will be listed under the category “elevation polish membership” on my big cartel website unless you choose the option to have it listed on etsy. The contents of your custom order will be kept private. Only you and I know what your order included. Polish names will not be listed in your custom order. The color confirmation email will have the colors included in your custom order.

How do I become a member?
Currently my membership spots are full and my wait list as well. I will be adding just a few spots to the wait list after my vacation. Spots will be limited. When you are added to the wait list I anticipate your membership to start December. I’m currently at capacity with what I can do by myself with production so membership increases will be slim.

Because of that. I will not be making an announcement when wait list spots are available. I will be discreetly updating this page on my blog. https://lovebrownnailpolish.wordpress.com/elevation-shopping/
Instructions will be given when there are spots available on that page.

Will there be any changes to memberships coming soon?
Yes, Coming January. The dates will shift. Membership emails will be going out on the 28th of the month with listings being made on the 1st of the month. Members will then get their polishes earlier. Samples will still have free shipping.

If there is something I haven’t covered or you still have questions about memberships. Just send me an email or comment on this page.

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

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