Elevation Polish: Samples

I get this question in my inbox all the time “So, what’s the deal with the samples/one of a kinds?”

Well I tell ya. I’ve got boxes of over 300 polishes. Just sitting there. Waiting for new homes. I decided to release them as one of a kinds/samples. Perfectly good polishes. I release them in small amounts. They normally just have numbers instead of names. In some cases I might have more than one of that color. It really depends on how far along in development the color is.

Samples are a fusion of different things. Actual samples, prototypes, frankens, custom work that wasn’t quite right yet. Here are a couple of the reasons they didn’t make the cut. Samples/One of a kinds usually fall into one of these categories.

  • The pigment is no longer available.
  • The pigment or glitter is just too expensive to be practical.
  • Pigment samples
  • Glitter samples
  • Sample combinations
  • The color was close but not exactly right.
  • The color didn’t fit into the collection.
  • Me messing around making a franken (very rare to have those up for sale but it has happened)

September Samples

You may have noticed that the samples this month have a different naming system. I decided to start a fresh. You clever ladies out there noticed when a stream of numbers/letters were posted for sale but one was missing. It gave too much of a glimpse as to what I was working on and which direction I was taking certain polishes. Like I said you guys are just too clever.

I’ve got 3 different samples that I’m not going to post until 7th. Trust me these ones are awesome. 1 of the samples is the sample that I get asked to produce the most. I won’t say which one but I used up all my available materials to produce 20 bottles of it. After that there will be no more versions of it. My supplier no longer sells a couple of the items I use to make it.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

❤ Lulu

7 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Samples

  1. Am I a bad, selfish, greedy person cause I want ALL your samples Lu?!?! Well I do!!:p
    Everything you touch is golden in my eyes. (well, not literally, cuz you do offer tons of color!! lol) Your September stock polishes are gorgeous as well as the samples you have shown. Can’t wait to see the ones your holding out on us!! 🙂

    Thanks again for explaining your samples to everyone. I still want to come and raid your sample room!! 🙂

  2. Just curious…are members able to buy the sample polishes before they hit your store? I have never been able to get one in my cart…even if it’s the first polish I click on…grr!! Maybe I’ll get lucky this time around and also hear good news about becoming a member?!?! Wishful thinking!!

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