Elevation Polish: Inside look at Matsuda

Indoors, Indirect light, overcast sun

Outdoors, Overcast sun

Ring finger left 2 coats matsuda, 1 coat daisen
Ring Finger Right 2 coats matsuda, 1 coat daisen, 1 coat matsuda on top (photo is more than a little blurry)

Color Base: Matsuda Elevation Polish

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base

Top Coat: None.. I wanted to show how shiny it is on it’s own.

Notes: I went a little over board on the pictures. It’s overcast and rainy here in MN. Not the best conditions for taking photos. In the picture with the bottle shots you can kind of see that on tone shimmer I was talking about in my previous post. Photos came out looking a little more “berry” than they should be. Hopefully I can get some good light so I can showcase this color properly. When matsuda is worn as a jelly sandwich white glitters will have a pink hue to them while black, purple, navy end up looking very dark but create a dramatic effect. So far my favorite jelly sandwich look was with a black and white glitter.

September 7th on my website
October 7th on my website & etsy
November 7th on my website & etsy
from there we will have to see if it makes it into the core collection.

The rest of the collection photos will be uploaded to my flickr and I’ll also make a post about them later this evening.

4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside look at Matsuda

  1. This is such a great color Lu. It isn’t bright red, in your face; sometimes I feel like it is too much on me wearing such bright reds.(says the chick with glitter galore on her nails at times!! lol)
    Can’t wait to see more pics!! 🙂

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