Elevation Polish: Ama Dablam August Pre-Orders (CLOSED)


Confirmation Emails will be going out later this evening

Ama Dablam Pre-order Information:

Hi all-

Welcome again to this last and final round of Ama Dablam pre-orders. This time I will be selling Ama Dablam with 25% of the proceeds going to charity. This means it is not for profit. These are very expensive to make so the rest of the 75% will cover the cost of supplies only (It doesn’t include my time, packaging materials, etc.)

I want to say a special thank you to all that threw in a little extra with your order(s). Thank you so much. ♥  After this round of pre-orders I will be making a lump sum donation from the last pre-order, this pre-order, all of your generous donations plus my personal donation to round it all out. If this pre-order goes as planned. I will be making the $1,000 donation on the 22nd of August. This is super exciting!!! I’ll post a screen shot of the donation once it has been made.

Here are the specs: (Please read all this information carefully)

  1. Pre-orders will be held from today (August 16)- August 17th (midnight) or until I’ve reached a certain number of polishes. (edit: I did reach that certain # of polishes which is why the pre-order is now closed)
  2. I’m expecting I will reach the maximum amount of orders for this polish before the end of the 17th. I may have to close up pre-orders before the end of the 17th. Please get your pre-order request in as soon as possible.
  3. Pre-Orders are open to everyone. No need to be a member, if you previously purchased an Ama you are welcome to order more.
  4. Invoicing will begin right away on the 17th of August.
  5. Shipping will begin on the 20th of August.
  6. No orders will be shipped early or expedited.
  7. There is a cap of 2 polishes per paypal email address.
  8. I will not be dividing up orders to ship to multiple address.
  9. Cost will be $11.00 USD per polish, price includes shipping.
  10. Cost for international will be $12.00 USD per polish, price includes shipping.
  11. No other colors can be tacked on to the order.
  12. The Bottle/Label combo you will receive will be the full sized square bottles with the white caps, Black ink on a transparent sticker. (as seen in my most current collection line up)

▲Ama Dablam will not be available again. This is the last pre-order for this polish.

How to order:

  • Email:     orders.elevationpolish@gmail.com
  • Please only use this email address for pre-orders and pre-order questions only. If you have questions about other orders, general comments, etc please use my other email address (see the tab at the top of my blog or use big cartel contact button)
  • Email Subject title: Ama Dablam
  • Please include the following information:
  • Name
  • Your paypal email address to receive the invoice
  • Quantity (cap of 2)
  • Which country these are being shipped to: (USA, Australia, Russia, Japan, UK, etc.) At this time I am no longer shipping to UAE, Egypt & Armenia.

If you do not receive an email confirmation for your order within 36 hours. Please resubmit with subject line: Ama Dablam resubmit.

Please note that the invoice will come from my paypal address which may differ from the addresses above. The invoice will be adequately labelled so you know it’s Elevation Polish.

Now on to the good part!

Color Base: Boots No7 Speed Dry Grey Skies

Color Top: Elevation Polish Ama Dablam

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: No Top Coat

About Ama Dablam the place:
Ama Dablam means “Mother’s necklace”; It is the name of a mountain in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. with long ridges on each side that look like the arms of a mother (ama) protecting her child, and the hanging glacier thought of as the dablam, the traditional double-pendant containing pictures of the gods, worn by Sherpa women. Ama Dablam hugs the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest basecamp.

Here is a link to one of my favorite pictures of Ama Dablam

About Ama Dablam the color:
Clear based nail polish with TONS of glitter. Some would call this a “Glitter Bomb.” You will need to add a top coat to this one. It has a slightly rough texture. I pictured it without top coat so you can see the natural texture.

  • Micro multi colored glitter
  • Micro Copper colored glitter
  • Green Teal Square glitter
  • Blue Teal Holographic Hex glitter
  • Copper colored Round Glitter (they look like little pennies)

About the Charity:
Nepalese Children’s Education Fund (NCEF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop the potential of disadvantaged Nepalese children through education. NCEF identifies children unable to pursue education because of economic situation of their families. Students are provided with tuition, textbooks and supplies to enroll in school. Our dedicated network of volunteers in Nepal meet regularly with the children and their parents to monitor the progress of the student through school. They have no office expenses, no salaries, all done by volunteers.

Bottle Shot:

Online Swatches:

The Gore Princess (click to take a peek at her blog and gorgeous swatches)

Adventures in Acetone (Beautiful Elevation Owen, Ama Dablam Gradient)

Not your Nanna’s Nails Tumbler (Amazing over Beige/Nudes)

Somethin’ Bout A Polish (Nudes and Glitters…. Caramel Nude with Ama)

Ashley is PolishAddicted (Moody & Dramatic China Glaze Wagon Trail & Ama)

Cheers to fabulously glittered nails,

♥ Lulu

3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Ama Dablam August Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

  1. Hi! Just wondering if all of the confimations went out last night because I didn’t get one yet and didn’t know if I should start gnawing on my nails or not! 🙂

    • I didn’t get through all the confirmations yet. I’m going to be working through the confirmations & Invoices today. Let me know if you haven’t received either by 9PM (CST) tonight.

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