Elevation Polish: Shipping and Combined shipping refund progess

Elevation Polish Restock Updates for Orders placed between Aug 6th- Aug 8th

Combined Shipping Refunds: Done. Let me know if one fell through the cracks.

This process should take me about 1-2 days to go through and process all the refunds. I had a lot of orders to combined this round. This process does take me a long time. Thank you for your patience. I think it’s a win-win for both buyer and seller that I continue to offer combined shipping.

**Further complicating the refund process. Several of my elevation polish memberships were purchased by someone other then the intended recipient. I’m going through all the orders to refund anyone who purchased these custom listings that weren’t meant for them. If you are a member and your custom listing was purchased by someone other than you. Please email me so I can take a look at who purchased your order and make you a new listing.

Shipping Progress Domestic USA:   Done.

I apologize that the shipping time has been super slow this restock.

Shipping Progress International: I have yet to upload all the tracking number for international orders. This has to be done manually. I’m shooting to be done by morning (8-17)

I’m estimating shipping will begin late Thursday evening after I process the shipping refunds. There are a lot of orders so I imagine it’s going to take me a couple of days to ship out everything.

I will update this post as I go and you can track my progress. 🙂

Post updated at: Aug 16th 2012 (10:56 PM CST)

5 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Shipping and Combined shipping refund progess

  1. We all appreciate your close attention to detail and the combined shipping. This round seemed extra complicated from buyer’s side, so I imagine that’s x100 for you, dear Lu.
    Take your time, I think everyone understands.
    Hope your shoulder feels much better.

    • Thank you MM. 🙂 This round was more complicated than it needed to be for both sides. I’m going to have to look into how to make it a smoother shopping experience.

  2. Hi Lulu, I haven’t ordered from you until this restock, so I’m just wondering;
    Do you only send an order confirmation email once you have shipped the order?
    Just double checking if mine hasn’t gotten through to you. Thanks

    • You should be receiving an email from paypal with a tracking number. I apologize this restock has not been typical of my shipping times. Shipping has been slowed down. If you do not have a tracking number by the end of the day tomorrow please do shoot me an email.

      • thanks lulu, that’s ok your polishes are worth the wait 🙂 i won a whole lot through Fingers Polish Mania and made sure I camped out online for this opening so I wouldn’t miss out!!!!

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