Elevation Polish: August 7th Restock Info + Other News

Hi Everyone-
I thought I would give a run down of the most current elevation polish news.

August Membership Emails: They will be going out later this evening and into tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Marble Caves: I had a really great question come into my inbox. I posted that I had only 75 marble caves available but don’t fret. The elevation groups and memberships do not count against that number. I have more than enough set aside for them. The 75 is an estimate of the number of marble caves that will be available for purchase via direct buy on my website.

Estimated Shipping Times: Due to the number of orders I’m expecting. I’m going to have to extend the number of days it will take me to ship out all the orders. I consider myself to be fairly quick when it comes to shipping. I’m going to estimate it will take me 1-2 days to process the combined shipping refunds and then up to 5-6 days to ship out all the orders.

Labels: I was sad to learn that my quote for getting the labels screen printed was way too inaccurate (much pricier than quoted) and I wouldn’t be getting that done. I know there has been some issues with the current label peeling and coming off of the sides. I’m working on re-orienting the labels so the sticker doesn’t wrap around the sides. You will see this new set up on the new colors this month. Hopefully they will stay intact.  The logo itself is just a hair smaller and the type is also a little smaller but overall I really like how they turned out. I’m sure most won’t even notice the difference.

Ingredients on the bottle: YAY! Finally going legit and putting the ingredients on the bottle. This will be happening starting September. Starting with the newest of colors then working back to the older colors. Please note the type on this is ridiculously small you will need to break out your readers and magnifying glass to read it. As always if you have a questions about what is in the polish feel free to email me anytime or check out the list on the product page.

Ama Dablam Pre-orders: Just a reminder that the new round of pre-orders is coming up here. The pre-orders will happen kind of quickly. I’ll take your pre-order requests starting on August 16th (until the 17th or when I have met my cap) I’m presuming I will reach the cap again so get your requests in as soon as possible. Invoicing and Shipping will start on the 20th of August. So a super quick turn around time. I will make a special post here on my blog when the pre-order process is beginning.

New Collections: YAY! I have finalized my upcoming plans for future collections. The colors are chosen. So here is the line up.

September: Japan Collection (1 crelly, 1 shimmer, 1 glitter)

October: Morocco Collection (1 creme, 1 heavy shimmer, 2 glitters)

November: 1 limited edition shade plus I’ll be bring back a couple of retired colors (Alphubel, Pico do Fogo, The Arches, and possibly an incarnation of Yushan called  Mount Yu. Its slightly different than the original but I think it’s still pretty cool) This is a month to play catch up on all your favorite elevation colors. The retired colors will only be available in this November restock then back into the vault they go.

December: Urban Elevations collection.


Vacation Plans: I will be incommunicado (aka no internet) starting on Sept 12th through Sept 19th. Any emails received in that time frame will receive an auto reply but I will get to all the emails when I get back. I will have family and friends checking in on the email to make sure there is nothing too urgent to take care of.


I think I just about covered everything. Back to editing and uploading more accurate photos of The Island collection.



10 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: August 7th Restock Info + Other News

  1. Lord I am so excited for these upcoming collections! I pray my membership comes through in November so I can pick up all those retired shades and Mt Yu! Hehe. I have to say lady you rock in the best way! I just adore what you do 🙂

    • Thank you Tamira. I can’t wait to see your next nail art. I’m so in awe of how awesome it is. That fishtail with Aurora was just amazing.

    • No need to email about combined shipping. I automatically go through all the orders to process that. It can take me up to 2 days to process all the refunds so if you need that expedited just shoot me an email at elevationpolish(!at)gmail(!dot)com

  2. no new memberships this month ? i’m asking bcs in the email you said around august when i signed up for the WL . i don’t mind waiting i was just curious.

    • Health issues got in the way of expanding production this month and next. I was not able to add as many spots as I had projected for this month since I had no production increase to accommodate the new memberships. I deeply apologize.

      • Awesome. 🙂 Thank you for understanding. I’ve got a little more help for next months restock so I should be able to add the memberships that should have been adding this month plus the memberships I promised for September.

  3. oh my gosh Lulu! September is my birth month and there couldn’t be anything more perfect than a Japan collection! Color me happy and excited!

    • September is my birth month as well. I cannot wait until I have time to take pictures of the new colors. I think everyone is going to love this small but beautiful collection.

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