Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Marble Caves (LE)

Color Base: Elevation Polish Marble Caves

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Seche Vite

Notes: I apologize here. My nails are currently in rough shape from testing and re-testing all the new colors coming up and I forgot to wrap the tips (Doh!) I did experience some shrinkage with the use of Seche Vite and not wrapping the tips. I did not however have the same shrinkage issues with other top coats during the testing phase. I would recommend using a different top coat with this polish other than seche vite. Essie, butter london, dior and sally hansen all turned out beautifully when used as a top coat in combination with Marble Caves. I’ve shown in these pictures Marble caves with 2 generous coats.

Inspiration: I can’t take the credit for this one. This was all the handy work of one of my favorite customers. After watching 180 degrees south (the movie that inspired a previous collection) She looked into a place called “Marble Caves” and the inspiration for this polish color was born. Marble caves is a beautiful place located in Patagonian Chile.

Check out the pictures we used as inspiration for this polish: http://www.lovethesepics.com/2011/06/marvel-at-the-magnificent-marble-caves-35-pics/

There was a lot of back and forth. Trail and Error. Couple different versions… then walla… the perfect balance. The Blurple leans more lilac than blue in the jelly like base, there is blue and purple hidden shimmer with purple being the most dominate shimmer then top it all off with some rainbow-y glitter. We both loved how it turned out. I can really see the inspiration in the bottle and on the nails. It was with my customer’s permission that I can now offer this as a very limited release polish. Thank you M for making this color possible. β™₯

Availability: This color will only be available once. There will be only 75 available for purchase on my website and this month will be the only month it is available. Elevation Polish members may add it to their monthly color choices. The price is $10.00 USD

Because of the Limited nature of this polish. I will be putting a cap of how many can be purchased. The cap is 2 per paypal email address.Β  If you purchase more than the cap you will be refunded for anything beyond the 2.

β™₯ Lulu

16 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Marble Caves (LE)

  1. This is such an absolutely gorgeous polish! My heart flutters a bit every time I look at it!

    Thank you Mariah for having the inspiration to create such a beautiful polish with Lu and willing to share this creation with us. Extremely generous of you! :hugs:
    And Lu, thank you for creating this with Mariah and bringing it to us with your superb formulas, cs and all around joy in purchasing from you. You really are at the top of the ‘Elevation’ scale!! :hugs:
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Oh man…this color is gorgeous and I really hope I am able to get it!! I also loved looking at the pics of the Marble Caves…breathtaking!!

  3. Wow, this is really lovely! It really is a good representation of the Marble Caves…and the pics of the caves were amazing too!

  4. This is gorgeous Lulu! I’m so excited about this month (specially because it’s my bday month). You keep on making awesome nail polishes. πŸ™‚

  5. Jeez, how I love the lavender shade and how I love glitter polishes… but lavender polishes with glitter! Looks wonderfull! ^^ By the way, I liked your blog, it looks interesting! I offer you my sincere friendship!=)
    I am on Bloglovin: Kisses From Europe
    I will follow you via Bloglovin;) I love to support interesting bloggers! ^^

    • Thank you Eva. I took a peek at your blog as well. I added it to my blog lovin’ I’m loving that bright pink clutch in your most recent post. Very Swoon worthy.

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