Elevation Polish: Shipping Update & Color Page update

Hi Everyone-


I’ve come up for air after that long bout of intense shipping. Shipping is mostly done. International orders will be updated with tracking numbers tomorrow (7-13-2012) after I go to the post office. For those of you that had multiple orders please refer to the one tracking number for the entirety of your order.

If you are within USA and did not receive shipping notification from paypal yet please email me. Also if you have no received a combined shipping refund for multiple orders please email me.

Color Page Update:

I had many many questions on the availability and up coming availability of certain colors. There has been some confusion as to if some colors are coming back or not. I have just now updated the color page with a better system of availability.  Now it will be very easy to tell the status of your favorite elevation colors.

Check out the Colors Page here

Availability is broken down like this:

Discontinued= Will not be back.
Retired= Possibility of a come back based on customer feedback & if supplies are available.
Reoccurring= regularly stocked color, some months might have low inventory, might be discontinued in the future.
Staple= Trying to lock down enough pigments/glitters to make a core collection color.
Core Collection= Will be available every restock.
Limited Edition= Only available during a certain time period then Discontinued.

Named Collections= Each Month a new named collection is Introduced. Example of how availability works:
Month 1: New collection introduced on my Website only.
Month 2: Same new collection is available on my Website & Etsy
Month 3: Same new collection is available on my Website & Etsy
Month 4: Top Selling color(s) from that collection get moved into the Reoccurring Category.
Before the restock of month #3 I will update the color page with named collection color(s) future availabilities.


If ever you have a question about any color in particular or would like to see a retired color come back. Drop me an email I’d love to hear from you.


❤ Lulu

One thought on “Elevation Polish: Shipping Update & Color Page update

  1. Super informative Lu. Thanks for making things so easy for people to see and know what is going on.
    Your blog is run so well! 🙂

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