Elevation Polish: Update 7-1-2012

I know many of you are getting ready for 4th of July festivities so I thought I would do this update early.

Elevation Polish Members:

You will be getting your elevation polish membership email on the 2nd (tomorrow.) it will give you more time to decide on your color choices for the month. I’m still going to ask you get in your request by the 7th before my restock happens. The earlier the better. I will not be making your custom listings until the 6th-7th. Again please don’t’ wait until last minute to put in your choices. I like to be able to have an accurate polish count before I go into the restock.

I added many new members this month. Please read over all the info about your membership on my website. Click here. If you do not get an elevation polish membership email and I estimated July/August. You will likely be a new member in August. I apologize. I made as many spots as I could.

Ama Dablam Pre-order

Current: I know some of you had your email/ama dablam requests fall through the cracks. (darn you gmail!) If this happened to you please email me at orders.elevationpolish(!@)gmail.com please either forward/reply/attach your original email to me. Please mark the subject line as “Ama Dablam Pre-order (resubmit)” If you need help with this please email me. I do need to have that original email though.

Invoicing & Shipping will begin on July 16th. That is a firm date. You can mark it on your calenders. This process will take me up to a week to invoice everyone.

Future: I decided. There will be one last pre-order for Ama Dablam. I will have the same quantity as this time (which means limited.) I have made the decision to have this polish remain special and not stock it as a core collection color. This polish will be going back to the polish vault after the august-ish pre-order. I do not have a firm date on this yet. I’m still trying to lock down all the supplies. My guess is mid-late August is when the pre-order will begin.

Other News:

Marble Caves: News travels fast on the net doesn’t it? Many of you have seen a custom polish I made for a customer called “Marble Caves” This customer recently won one of my blog giveaways and asked me for a custom job based on the marvelous marble caves. She gave me the inspiration and some pretty tough guidelines. The process was in fact amazing. It was so fun and she was a dream to work with. The polish and inspiration came together so beautifully. I have talked with her about this awesome polish. We have good news. I will be stocking this polish 1 time during my August restock. It will be limited edition only offered on my website and not etsy. Elevation members will be able to request it during their August color choices and I will try to have as much stock as I can for this one time stocking.Click here to see the amazing inspiration for this polish

Please note that while I had fun making this custom. I have had far too many requests for customs. I will not be taking on any more customs in the future.

Samples will be up for your viewing pleasure on the 6th of July. I pulled some really good ones out. I even pulled a really early one. It’s in a seche vite bottle. It’s pretty amazing.

Lulu needs a day off:

I will be taking a couple of much needed days off to spend time with my much neglected hubby. Emails will not be responded to during this time. I will in fact be in the wilderness with no internet access. I will be gone July 3-5 for a short hiking trip. (last minute decision) I do realize it comes at an odd time with elevation polish membership emails going out a day before that and the restock happening on the 7th. Don’t worry all color confirmations will happen starting the 5th (late in the evening) in/on to the 7th.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Update 7-1-2012

  1. Lu, you so deserve a much needed break. I hope you have a great 4th with the hubby.

    Thanks once again for bringing us such wonderful, special polishes. And thanks to both you and M for sharing your collaborated efforts on such a beautiful polish with us all.:hugs:

    • Thanks Lauri. It is going to be so relaxing. I really do need this. I’m so happy M decided to share Marble Caves. I think people are really going to like it.

  2. Yay! Hope you have a lovely time Lulu!

    And I hope you have a fab response on Marble Caves. ❤ The awesome time I had helping to create it is something that is irreplacable and lovely, so how could I not want everyone else to have some of that? 🙂 Thanks again lovely lady!! ❤

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