Elevation Polish: Inside look at Pic de Subenuix

Outdooor, direct sun with clouds rolling by

Left- Direct sun outdoors Right- Outdoors with clouds

Close up Direct sun (eeeek that is a large pic sorry about the lack of cuticle clean up)

Color Base: Elevation Polish Pic de Subenuix (Pyrénées Collection)

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Dior Top Coat

Notes: This is a complex color. It’s almost impossible to get all the intricacies of this polish into a photograph in one go. It’s not quite a duochrome but it’s more than just an iridescent. The Base is a medium Purple with hints of blue under tone. The “under flash” is blue. It shows up very rarely and only under certain lighting conditions. Mostly dark lighting conditions. It has very strong light green shimmer. The green shimmer is almost always present. The finish is medium shine. It dries quickly on it’s own.

Inspiration: The Pyrénées is a mountain range separating Spain from France. Pic de Subenuix Located in this mountain range was an amazing sight. Technically it is on the Spanish side of the Pyrénées but it sounds french. The name refers to the important pontarró by which the road crosses the river Portarró Subenuix.Lush short grasses live on the side of subenuix and in the valley. The rock faces almost look purple from a distance then flash almost blue. All of these colors combined to create the inspriation for this Polish.


  • July 7th on my website
  • August 7th on my website & etsy
  • September 7th on my website & etsy
  • Possibly back into the polish vault depending on customer feedback.

Cheers to great polishes,

♥ Lulu

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