Elevation Polish: Membership Changes in Policy

I really didn’t want to have to post about this but I was contacted by several of my members about this. It made them feel really uncomfortable.

Recently they have been contacted, some of them several times about the purchase of or swap of their elevation polish membership. I myself have seen these requests/ISO(s) in swapper groups.

While I do normally think that it’s your membership do as you wish.  It is hard enough on me to keep track of everyone’s wishlists, emails, etc. Switching out names, email addresses creates more work for me, more confusion and more chances to mess up an order. So at this time I am not accepting any transfers of memberships, tacking on additional people into your membership, or creating group memberships.

The 1 group, 2 shared memberships, and the 1 trade have currently been grandfathered in. Anything after this (today, right now) I can not accommodate. I do apologize for this.

If I notice a consistent rise in polish numbers from any one member. This will skew my polish inventory greatly. That account will be flagged and marked for notification. Granted if you need extras of any color for friends, family, bridal shower, etc… please do give me a heads up so I know not to presume the worst. Communication is key.

As of Now when you sign up for the waitlist for an elevation polish membership. The email address you give me is the email address for the membership. I know some email addresses might change over time so I will accommodate those situations when they happen.This should be rare though.

My current waitlist is looking like it’s in the October, November range. I’m creating as many spots monthly as I can currently handle.Thank you so much for your patience and for reading all of this.

If you have any questions about this policy change please email me at elevationpolish(!at)gmail(dot!)com

Now let’s get back to some fun stuff (new swatches coming up!)

♥ Lulu

6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Membership Changes in Policy

  1. Bring on the swatches Lu, woohoo!! 🙂

    **And just so you know; mine will have to be pried from my unconscious or dead body!!! (well, if I had a hard copy of something!! LOL)

  2. Yea…swatches! I can’t wait to see your new polishes. I love the bottle shots so far!

    I’m especially happy that this is your policy since I’m on your waitlist! Of course, I never imagined people would do this to circumvent the process but what do I know :).

    • It was a surprise to me too. I wanted to make sure to protect the line. You all have waited so patiently. It seemed only fair to me.

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