Elevation Polish: Inside look Pic de Sotllo (Pyrénées Collection)

Outdooor, Indirect sunlight, Overcast

top pics Outdoor direct sunlight, bottom pics at an angle direct sunlight

Outdoor direct sunlight

Color Base: Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo (Pyrénées Collection)

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Seche Vite (tainted bottle. please excuse the glitter dot in the pics)

Notes: *Pictured on day #3 of this mani* I can’t for the life of me get this to photograph (same story different day) Pic de Sotllo is a vibrant, almost in your face, Blue Creme. It has no shimmer at all. It’s very pigmented. This formula is a bit thinner than most of my core collection formulas. It’s still very easy to apply and clean up. I’ve shown it in these pictures with 2 coats. 1 coat is usually fine but I did two just to make sure. This polish works well with Matte toppers. Essie worked very well but Chanel matte coat was streaky. You might want to test on a nail wheel before you go about using your favorite matte coat.

Inspiration: The Pyrénées is a mountain range separating Spain from France. Pic de Sotllo Located in this mountain range was an amazing sight. Technically it is on the Spanish side of the Pyrénées. The color was not inspired by the mountain itself but the color you see on a bright summer day at the top. The sky is clean, vibrant, fresh and Blue. You can almost breathe in the Blue.


  • July 7th on my website
  • August 7th on my website & etsy
  • September 7th on my website & etsy
  • Possibly back into the polish vault depending on customer feedback.

Cheers to great polishes,

♥ Lulu

4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside look Pic de Sotllo (Pyrénées Collection)

  1. I can attest to what Lulu said. In person, this is a BRIGHT blue. I met up with her to talk shop and I got to see this in person… and promptly told her that I needed to buy a bottle. I couldn’t stop looking at her nails when her hands moved. LOL. It’s SO beautiful! Blue is so hard to photograph!

    • It really was hard to photograph. I told you they weren’t going to turn out. I still haven’t taken this color off it has mesmerized so many people.

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