Elevation Polish: Ama Dablam Pre-Order

I want to start off by saying thank you for your overwhelming show of support for Elevation Polish, Ama Dablam & NCEF.

As of 5:50 PM CST today (June 23rd) I had to close up the pre-orders.

I have had many people emailing to ask why I had to close up the pre-order. It’s understandable. I had to close up pre-orders quicker than I had originally thought. I anticipated having a large volume of orders but not as many as this. (It is awesome and thank you all for this.) It was an amazingly impressive turn out. I had a certain number of polishes in mind when I knew I was going to start the pre-order process. This number was a number that I felt comfortable doing given the amount of supplies I have & the time needed to make all of these beautiful polishes.

Starting on Monday I will begin the process again of purchasing the supplies needed for another round of Ama Dablam pre-orders and/or making it a core color. So those of you that didn’t get in this time you will be able to order it at a later date.

I don’t want all of my (one person) production  strength to go into producing just one polish. I want to keep my other polishes going and still be able to offer you new and exciting colors. Once new Ama Dablam supplies come in. I will test them to make sure they are exactly the same as used in the previous rounds and I will announce on my blog here how they will be sold. This will likely happen mid-august.

I’m currently looking at two options. Making Ama Dablam a core Elevation polish color and/or doing another round of pre-orders. I have not yet decided.

I will be taking the day off tomorrow (June 24th) to finalize and order supplies for October colors as well as supplies for Ama dablam(s). I might not get to unclogging the email log jam I’m currently experiencing until Monday. I do apologize.

Much Much Love,

♥ Lulu

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