Elevation Polish: July Restock Info & Ama Dablam

June 18th- July Restock Info

Little hints of the Pyrénées Collection are up on the color page of my blog. They are fabulous. I know I said I was only going to release 4 but I’m releasing 5 colors. 1 color is a niche color it will likely only appeal to all the brown lovers out there. I do hope that you all give brown a chance. It can be a really awesome color especially with Gold glitter toppers.

EDIT: I have added some color photos to the color page. Please note they are not color accurate by camera battery was on it’s last leg.  I’ll update pictures along the week with swatches.

AMA NEWS I am looking at a pre-order system for Ama Dablam starting in a week and slated for a July Shipping date. I’m going to limit the amount of pre-orders I’ll take because it can very quickly become overwhelming. Here are the specs:

  • Pre-orders starting June 25th
  • Ship date slated for July 13th
  • Cap of 2 polishes per paypal address
  • Overall cap on the number of Ama(s) (number only known by me)
  • Cost will be $11.00 USD, price includes shipping.
  • Cost for international will be $12.00 USD, price includes shipping.
  • No other colors can be tacked on to the order.

▲▲▲▲Ama Dablam will not be available again on my website. It’s pre-order basis only. It will not be available to elevation polish members during your monthly color choices so please use the pre-order form when it becomes available. I’ll make another post about how to order once I’ve ironed out the details.

I’m getting ready to spam my blog with all those mani(s) I’ve done in the past month. I apologize that your inboxes will be full of links to these blog posts. Trying to play a little catch up.

♥ Lulu

15 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: July Restock Info & Ama Dablam

  1. I agree on the tease part Lu, 🙂 I was so wanting to see the colors. My imagination is on vacation right now!! lol
    I’m sure they will be amazing as always!! You are the downfall of me with your polishes!! Everything you create I WANT!!!!!!(yes, I know; the exclamations!!!!, lol)

    Can’t wait to see them all!!!

      • Might not be ‘exactly’ color accurate as you state, but I can still tell they are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!! *rubbing hands together* exclaiming, “ooh la la”, once again!! 🙂
        The duochrome, the shimmer; LOVE!! (and I always love your cremes too!!)

      • Thank you hun. I’m really excited about these colors. The cremes are really nice and the satin is TDF. I can’t stop wearing it.

    • I haven’t yet released the pre-order form. I’m still perfecting it. It should be out next week. I’ll make a separate Ama only blog post with all the details.

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