Elevation Polish: Inside look at Pata Puffer (180 degrees south collection)

Pictured over pata on the back, by itself then over black

(direct sunlight)

Color Base: Elevation Polish Pata Puffer

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: No top coat

Notes: This color was a last minute addition to the 180 degrees south collection. I had been working on it for a later release but I thought it fit so well with the other colors of this collection. This is totally one of those colors I would use as what I call a “mani save” You know those days where you nick your mani right away or those times where your on day 3 of a mani and want to change but you don’t have time. I normally add glitter on top of my mani. A quick way to cover things up or just a quick change. I always think “oh the bling will distract them from a flawed mani” and it usually works. This glitter is a little on the simple side but it gives BIG impact. It’s got a rusty red very sheer base, holographic fuchsia hexes and holographic fuchsia glitter. It does require a base color. Fuchsia & red base colors give the glitter a little less impact. (it’s pictured above over pata on the back and black on my thumb) Black base or dark navy base give this glitter the most impact and shows off the bling amazingly. This glitter is a little on the thick side so only one coat is necessary to get the coverage shown above. I also showed it without top coat. It’s got good shine to it but for those who hate texture I would advise using your favorite top coat.

Color Inspiration: This polishes comes with a funny story. There are several things I’m known for when it comes to climbing. One of them being that I’m a stickler for having my nails done before I camp & hike. I always wear french tips so I can make sure I can see that my oxygen levels are alright. The other thing I’m known for is not leaving home without my Patagonia brand fuchsia colored nano puffer jacket. It’s like my little piece of home and also works wonders as a pillow. Several of my climbing friends gives me so much flack about my love for this puffer jacket that they joke that I needed to make a polishes to match it. Well here it is! Pata Puffer an ode to my favorite jacket.

For those of you who have never actually seen a picture of me. Here I am. Last July on Maroon Bells (11,500ft) in my favorite pata puffer wearing Zoya Cola french tips. I’m puffy as all heck because of the altitude.

Picture of the 180 degrees south collection as a whole:

(L-R): Pata Puffer, Pata on the back, Last two pitches, Rapa Nui, Torres del Paine, El Cap, Stay behind catch a wave

Availability: This color will be available starting June 7th on my website and July 7th on etsy. This color is limited edition and will only be available for 2 restocks then it goes back into the polish vault.

♥ Lulu

12 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside look at Pata Puffer (180 degrees south collection)

  1. Oh look at you! you’re so cute!!!! I had no idea what a puffer is!!! So now I know! I think this is your best collection yet!!! I will probably do a mani combo with Pata on the back and last two pitches!!! The next one will be el cap and Rapa Nui. you are a freakin genius!

    • Thanks hun. 🙂 Pata on the back with last two pitches. I cannot wait to see that mani! It’s going to look really cool.

  2. Such a great story Lu. Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    And you look so adorable in your Puffer jacket!! 🙂 Love the color of it!

    This entire collection is gorgeous. Peeps will be really happy with it! 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 I love that Duo. I’m currently wearing broken sky on my toes with bright blue base (dior electric blue) and it’s amazing!

  3. These are gorgeous! I have my list ready, Hopefully I can get to them this month before they can sell out 😦 and hopefully some of the limited edition colors you still had some of are the ones I was looking for. 😦 I loved the other ones I got last month

  4. Hooray! I’m super excited! As usual!! And… I’ve totally been meaning to send you a thank you letter for remembering my labels and everything even though I totally dissappeared from answering emails! =/ Sorry, but, pretty much ~ you rock! =)

    What time does the restock go live this afternoon? I’m sure it’s posted somewhere but I can’t seem to hunt it down. So, sorry if I’m missing the big obvious sign that has the info in it.

    All the new colors look AMAZING!!!

    • The restock is at 9PM (CST) on my website and 9:10PM (CST) on etsy. It was no trouble to remember the labels. Thanks to my hubby I’ve got a really good organizational system down. 🙂

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