Elevation Polish: 180 degrees south Collection

I thought I would post a little preview of the 180 degrees south collection. I’ve updated my website with the new colors. 1 color is blacked out because elevation members are going to be the first to view this color. It’s limited edition. I will only restock this color this month and next month then it goes back into the polish vault.

I’m still updating my website with more swatch photos.

Also a reminder to elevation polish members that in this months email there is a unique code for free shipping on all samples.

I’ve also got 4 more samples to post on my website so be on the look out for those as well. On to the 180 degrees south collection.


<PATA ON THE BACK> Brick like red with violet shimmer and violet glitter.

<LAST TWO PITCHES> Root Beer colored brown that shimmers silvery and gold

<RAPA NUI> is a Dark Blue/Grey packed full of red micro shimmer.

<TORRES DEL PAINE> Grass Green creme with no shimmer

<EL CAP> Vivid Blue with loads of violet micro shimmer

<STAY BEHIND, CATCH A WAVE> Is a heavy glitter and will require a top coat. It’s got 5 different kinds of circle glitter in white, teal & blue plus several sizes and shift colors of iridescent hexes.


Picture was taken in direct outdoor sunlight. Some of the colors are a tad washed out and you can’t really see all the details of each color very well.

4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: 180 degrees south Collection

  1. This collection is full of such a wonderful range of vibrant colors Lu. Can’t wait to see the LE blacked out color. Such excitement!!
    You’ve done it again Lu!! 🙂

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