Elevation Polish: Inside look at El Cap 180 degrees south collection

Color Base: Elevation Polish El Cap (short for El capitan)

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Dior Top Coat

Notes: I’ve had a heck of a time capturing the shimmer in this one. There is a ton of it. The base is a bright vivid blue. It’s packed with a lot of Violet micro shimmer. To me this color almost reads like Electric Lilac. In the first picture of me holding the bottle at an angle you can kind of see the shimmer but it’s much more pronounced in real life. This is two coats but I think in most cases 1 coat will work just fine. It dries to a near matte finish. It isn’t very shiny on it’s own. Adding top coat helps the shimmer pack more punch. It dries very quickly without the help of top coat so if you like the matte like finish it will make for a super quick mani change.

Color Inspiration:When you look at pictures of El Capitan. Blue with violet shimmer wouldn’t be most people’s thoughts. It’s slightly unexpected. Watching the movie that inspired the collection (180 degrees south) and going through some of my friends wife’s pictures of her climb of El cap. I noticed something. The sky is always bluer looking from the top and the way the the sun sets on that part of the world is beautiful. It has almost a violet cast to it. I knew I wanted to use that as my color inspiration.

Availability: This color will be available starting June 7th on my website and July 7th on etsy. I’ve got a good healthy stock of this color. I don’t expect it will sell out right away.


β™₯ Lulu

8 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside look at El Cap 180 degrees south collection

  1. Oh. MY. JOSEPH.

    This is the one I want Lu. For sure. Geez is that beautiful or what?! And the email I just sent you. This. HO CRAP.

    Have I told you how much I love you lately? ❀

  2. Simply gorgeous Lu. You capture color with meaning like no other!!

    If I was able to give out awards for Indie nail polish and it actually meant anything, you would be at the top of the list!!

    Can’t wait to get this on my nails!! πŸ™‚

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