Elevation Polish: Giveaway! (CLOSED) 180 degrees south collection

My next restock on June 7th will include 6 polishes inspired by the movie 180 degrees south.

If you haven’t heard about the movie, here is an IMDB summary & Trailer for the movie:

“The film follows adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia.”

It’s available for you viewing pleasure on Netflix’s instant queue. I really encourage you to watch the movie even if your not a climber or surfer. It’s an incredible story.


How to win:
Guess the name of the polish posted, or any of the 5 other polishes in the collection. In the event that no one comes close to the names. I will choose the most creative name. The other 5 polishes won’t be pictured and will have very, very minimal descriptions so wild guesses strongly encouraged. Please try to keep in mind that the polishes are inspired by the movie. Just leave me a comment on this post with your guess. For those 5 people who already know at least one of the names. please don’t mention it here, try to guess one of the names you don’t know.

EDIT: Two people has guessed Rapa Nui correctly (Great Job Lauri! & Great Job Maria). It all happened so quickly. I decided to have a second winner as well.

Lauri-Won a full set of the 180 degrees south collection + one one of a kind

Maria- Her choice of a one of a kind out of my stash since she guessed the same name as Lauri

Pam- has also won the 6 polishes + 1 one of a kind sample (a different one than the first winner but equally as cool)

What you win:
All 6 polishes in the 180 degrees south collection + 1 one of kind sample that was too expensive to put into production for this collection. (trust me it’s an awesome one!) Your polishes will ship out as early as June 1st.

<RAPA NUI> is a Dark Blue/Grey packed full of red micro shimmer. It is pictured here with two coats and no top coat. At certain angles this polish will appear to be more of a “blurple” inspired by rapa nui’s volcanic rock coast line.


<EL CAP> Blue


<PATA ON THE BACK>Red/Purple/Fuchsia


Let the guessing begin!

(contest will go on until someone guesses one of the names of the polishes or until the 6th of june)



30 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Giveaway! (CLOSED) 180 degrees south collection

  1. Awesome giveaway Lu. Can’t wait to see ALL the polishes!!

    Knowing nothing of this movie I was going to guess #2(the green one) as Patagonia just because of the greenery on the mountain!! LOL Now you are going to make me go learn something!! 🙂

    • Oh yeah. Also going to guess one as Cerro Corcovado, or just Cerro or just Corcovado.That would be cool though to have a polish the same name as a bag from HH!! 🙂 (you made me read some info on this journey. Now I HAVE to watch the movie!! :))

    • I almost named the collection Conquerors of the Useless but I thought it would be easier to remember 180 degrees south. Chouinard is a good guess too.

      • Annnnd

        Torres del Paine
        Cuernos del Paine
        Salto Chico
        Salto Grande

      • Holy crap!! I am so excited!!!!!!! What a cool way to start the day (yes I just got up an hour ago…what can I say, long night :p) This was super fun and I’m also excited to check out this film! Thank you, lulu!!

  2. OMG Lauri! You lucky dog! I expect to see swatches and HUGE reveals over on tPF. ❤

    Lu, that is BEAUTIFUL! I love that blue. And I cannot wait for this collection! Also, you are awesome for doing this.

    Ok, guesses…

    Mt. Fitzroy
    Darien Gap
    Joy is in the Journey (a little long but you get the drift)
    EDITED NAME (You guessed the same name as the winner)
    Galapagoes Islands

    I may be back. 🙂

    • Thanks Mariah. I was so excited. I have never won anything before on a blog(okay I take that back; I won a polish once on Cult Nails, but not because I won the contest for the collection (it was a random draw), but Maria liked my creative response for my favorite polish of hers so she sent me a polish!! lol)

      I LOVE Lu’s polishes and am so excited. The hubby thought I was a bit crazed when I was reading my email last night and read that I won!!!:woohee:

      That blue is GORGEOUS!!!
      Thanks Lu, for sponsoring such a fantastic giveaway!!

      And I can tell you that I know for sure one of the ones you guessed is correct as it is the one I guessed and won!! LOL
      Hopefully one of the others is too!!

    • You guessed the same name as the winner, the polish pictured. Because it was the same name. I’ll be emailing you with with a secondary prize of a one of a kind of your choice. Keep guessing on the other polish names.

  3. Ok, only a couple more…

    Chacabuco Valley
    Lagunas Altas
    Lago Cochrane (OMG I want to go there)
    Marble Caverns of Lago (and here)
    Cerro Nino

  4. Thanks you, Lauri, and congrats to you as well–we scored BIG TIME :p hahaa Yes, so exiting! I am already obsessed with Rapa Nui…so unique and gorgeous!

  5. So pretty!! I’m especially looking forward to ‘polish 5’ since I’m a red fiend. I currently have Maroon Bells on my fingers & your fabulous deep red OOAK (sample 166). Looove them!

    • I’m so glad I was able to fit a “red” into the collection. I’ve made so many samples but nothing was right until now. 166 was a sample that I came close to producing but something about it didn’t fit into the collection. I do on occasion wear my sample 166. I really liked the formula on that one.

  6. Lu! I watched it this weekend! Such a good doc! Thanks for turning me onto it!

    Ok, so some guesses? Yes, I know I’m not winning anything but I want to know what the names are!!

    El Capitan
    B (forgot the name) River (??…the river toward the end of the movie that the Electric company wants to dam) and the ranchers were marching against.

    Oh, and favorite quote? ‘Turn around and take a step forward’ ❤

    • YAY I’m so glad you watched it. Isn’t it a good watch? El Cap is most certainly one of the polish colors. 🙂 How could I have not made a polish based on that. I love how it was the beginning of something really great.

      That is one of my favorite quotes of the movie and I’ve taken it to heart. Turn 180 degrees and take a step forward. It’s so simple, powerful and it works for so many situations too.

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