Elevation Polish: Combined Shipping, Shipping Refunds, Canada Shipping

WOW You gals are so quick. Thank you all so much for your support. It has been a great evening.

You purchased 20 Bottles of Ama Dablam!!! You guys are awesome. 20 bottles x $12.00 per bottle. $240.00 was raised for NCEF. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to a person in need it means the world. I will be making our donation in the next couple of days. 🙂

I’ve received a whole lot of emails this evening about Combined Shipping, Shipping refunds and shipping to canada at a reduced rate.

  • Yes, I will be combining shipping. All your orders will be combined even if you purchased from both my website and etsy.
  • I will be working through the night to process refunds. It’s very time consuming. I’m guessing that I’ll have all refunds processed by tomorrow evening. I know some of you didn’t notice the free shipping code for Ama Dablam. I’ll be going through those orders as well to give out refunds. Again, it’s time consuming so please be patient with me. If you haven’t received a refund within 36 hours please email me at elevationpolish (gmail)
  • I am looking into a better shipping solution for our Canadian friends. I know you all don’t like the flat rate box option that is currently available. I don’t like shipping bubble mailers across boarders. There will be a cheaper solution by my next restock. If you are wanting a particular color that is in stock, don’t hesitate to email me for a different shipping quote. Please be as specific as possible in your email. How many bottles, Which bottles, your postal code, etc.

EDIT (5-8-2012 11:30 AM CST): All refunds have been processed at this time. If you did not recive a refund please email me at elevationpolish(gmail) please include the email address you used to pay with your order.

Other Stuff:

I’ve also taken note that many have expressed a dislike for big cartel. I hear you loud and clear. I want shopping to be easy and not a stressful experience. I’m looking into all options. Moving all stock back to etsy would mean a price increase. I’d like to keep prices where they are. I’d love to hear any solutions and opinions you might have on this. Leave me a comment. 🙂



17 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Combined Shipping, Shipping Refunds, Canada Shipping

  1. I love BigCartel’s shop, I think its awesome since it doesn’t allow cart jacking. I also like that it allows for your own design and doesn’t require membership to their network to make a purchase. I am also all for keeping yours and our cost down!

    Its really difficult to please everyone when you have such a large and diversified audience.
    Changing shop or moving product won’t change the demand for it, but having large quantities on hand will help alleviate that.
    I have seen a few different ideas from various other indie polishmakers and my favorite of them so far is what Dollish is doing. Five colors at a time, lots of stock so everyone can get what they want or skip the sale if they don’t want those. Next restock will be five other colors, and so on rotating through and adding in new. It can be risky because of the need to calculate the quantities of each, and frequency of restock would need be often to keep interest. I think it will work well product trending is paid attention to and restocks are consistent.
    I also really like what you’ve done with the pre-order membership I think its set up really well- since it is limited the demand for it is higher than the supply.

    I love to organize and create spreadsheets etc, if you want to bounce ideas off someone, just let me know! I’d be happy to help.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is what is so great about indie polishes and their makers. There have been some really great solutions to make shopping easier. I’m really loving what rainbow honey did with pre-sales. I thought that solution was really a smart way to go about it. Dollish’s idea is wonderful too. I’m also really loving what another commenter said about maybe doing a mid-month small etsy only restock. It would give customers the best of both worlds. It really is hard to please everyone but I will try if I can… to make that happen.

      I’m a spreadsheet gal myself. I could stare at excel all day. I might take you up on your offer to bounce ideas off of. I’m always looking for unique perspectives.

      • Oh yes! I think all those are really great ideas! The RH preorder is great, I participated and what I love as a customer is that there was no scramble to order, she set expectations up front, and so I know exactly what will happen when. On the flip side it also would allow for you to project supply needs; trend popularity of shades; and hopefully, please the masses.
        I’m available for uninterrupted brainstorming anytime after 6pm cst evenings up through about 11pm and would absolutely love to help!

      • Great maybe when I’m done shipping all the orders I’ll give you an email. Is the email that is associated with this post alright or just email me at elevationpolish(gmail)

  2. I’m glad you had such a good turnout! I haven’t had any luck with Big Cartel yet but I do like that once something is in your cart, it’s there. It’s just frustrating to play the refreshing game (for so long) to see if anyone else will release anything you are waiting on or if it’s truly sold out. I was on at 10EST and kept refreshing and when I finally saw the “add to cart” button on the duo and Ama they were already in other carts. I do think it’s best for all parties to help keep costs down though by staying with BC. I agree that having more stock will really be the only thing to help alleviate the issue. How does one join the pre-order membership deal?

    • Thank you for commenting. I agree about having more inventory. I anticipated that customers would love Ama & the duo but both couldn’t be made in any higher quantity than they already were. The pre-order/membership is currently full. I expanded to 40 spots and all 40 spots are taken. I am currently keeping track of a waitlist if you’d like to join. All information about this can be found here: http://elevationpolish.bigcartel.com/elevation-membership

  3. Lulu, do you think you could list a VERY limited amount of all polishes on Etsy on a different day of the month? That way those that love Etsy can choose to participate in that instead of BC? Maybe ask customers to pick one sale or the other to participate in and leave it at that?

    You cannot please everyone and I would like you to choose which platform works best for you. I mean, everyone is bitching about BC but they all still go there to buy polish, yes? 🙂

    • Oh wow that is a really great solution. I like that. Having a mid-month small restocking on etsy sounds like a great way to give people the best of both worlds. This is why I wanted to make a post about this. I really love hearing solutions from customers. I like keeping my products and sales all based on customer feedback.

      • If you want, I can see about getting some feedback for you. Also, Jen up there is a good ‘friend’ from that other forum I’ve told you about. She’s an awesome lady with wicked enabling skills. 🙂 And if got other things you need to chat about, you know my email lady. ❤

  4. Hey Lu,
    Congrats on another awesome sellout!! Did you think when you started all this you’d be as busy as you are, and your polishes would be this popular; or did you know?!?!:wink, wink:

    I, myself am not familiar with the different store fronts, only that Etsy costs more and your stuff gets hijacked out of your cart, and on BC you can refresh forever hoping something gets released.
    What’s StoreEnvy about? And what kind of site does Nostalgic Lacquer use? And some of the other Indies that sell directly from their blogs etc.; what kind of software do they use?

    Thanks for great product. Can’t wait for the new ones to arrive! 🙂

    • I did look into store envy. I don’t remember why but big cartel seemed like a better option for me. I have thought about pre-sales and blog sales but the amount of time they take would overwhelm me since I’ve already got a 60+ hour a week job, a Hubby, my pups, my god kiddos. When I started selling I knew that I would only be able to update/restock once a month because I can only really make polishes on weekends. I thought the response on them would be good but I never thought it would take off like it has.

  5. Jen and Mariah are smart cookies with tons of great ideas. (They are also evil enablers on that “other” forum! LOL, M!)

    I don’t really have a preference as to where things are stocked. I think that you just need to do whatever is best for you. I’m sure you started making polishes because it was something you enjoy. I’d hate to see it become too much of a chore trying to please everyone and burning out and closing up all of your shops. Then we would ALL lose out.

    There are several that I missed out on but there were others that I *did* get and I’m very much looking forward to wearing them. I figure that if I got everything I wanted now then I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to so it’s all good. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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