Elevation Polish: Inside Look Broken Sky & Hajla

Elevation Polish and Alta Costura Vernis are proud to present a limited edition duo.

This limited edition 2 polish set was made to work in harmony together as a blend of bright, vivid & dark, mysterious. Designed by both Elevation polish & Alta Costura Vernis. This item will come in packaging special to this duo. It will only be available on my website: www.elevationpolish.com

Broken Sky: is like the clouds before a beautiful storm breaks over the mountains. It’s a beautiful mix of glitter metallic purple shreds & iridescent hexes in different sizes.

Hajla: like the flowers found at the base of Hajla mountain. It’s a bright fuchsia with shimmering iridescents that leans gold/green.

****I lost light tonight so I couldn’t get a pic of Broken Sky on it’s own. I’ll update this post with the pics as soon as I have them. ****

Alta Costura Vernis on Etsy

Elevation Polish product page for the Duo

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