Elevation Polish: News *Line up changes*

Bummer of the day
Matterhorn- had to be postponed until June 7th Restock

Nya- Manufacturer sent me a different pigment than I used previously. It came in too late to run all the pigment tests comfortably before restocking day. It has also been postponed until the June 7th Restock.

The good news
Sample One of a kind polishes are up for viewing on my website. I have the feeling these are going to go super fast. So plot what you like and act swiftly. This is all I’m going to stock for this round.

Duo of Elevation & Alta Costura:
Preview pictures the won’t be available until closer to my restock day. Broken Sky & Hajla are amazing though. I think you are all going to love what we came up with.

Elevation Polish Members:
Emails will go out on the 3rd but all the pics of the new colors are available for your viewing pleasure on my website and on my blog under the tab “Elevation Colors.” As soon as I hear back from you on your color choices (before May 7th, 9 PM CST). I’ll make your custom listing then You’ll have 3 days to check out.

Ama Dablam:
If you haven’t seen it yet. The gore princess posted amazing swatch pictures. Her bottle is the round type but all Ama Dablams will be in the new square bottles. Here is a link to her blog post.

New Bottles:
Some of you might have noticed that I rolled out the new bottles on some of the elevation colors. I had some quality control issues with the older bottles so I switched a little early. I didn’t want anyone getting stuck with the wonky brushes that the old manufacturer sent me. YAY for new bottles!

I’m currently looking into getting a facebook account for Elevation so all the news will be right at your finger tips. I’ll make a blog post when I have that all set up.


3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: News *Line up changes*

  1. Thanks for all this info Lu. I was wondering what was up with the different bottles!! Cross your fingers for me I get the OoaKs I have my eye on!! lol

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