Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Aurora

Color Base: Elevation Polish Aurora

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: No top coat

Notes: Pictured in a polish sandwich. Base Coat, Elevation Xixabangma, then top coat, then Aurora. Aurora is a Green gold based polish with flecks of green mirco glitter and gold & green flakies. It’s great for layering over green and black but also works by itself in 2 or more coats. It’s inspiration came to me when I was looking at trip photos of Aurora Mountain in B.C. Canada. The greenery that leads up to aurora mountain is amazing. The trees twinkling with the light bouncing off the mountains. It’s beautiful. Green, Gold, But dark in the shadows, then the light changes. The colors meld together then hints of bright green a rise from the shade.

Availability: This shade will be available as a limited edition. It will be on my website May 7th. Etsy & my website June 7th then after that it will be discontinued.

11 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Aurora

    • Thank you. Green is sometimes a hard color to wear. It can be really in your face but this is just blingy enough to be noticed or to be worn subtly.

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