Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Ama Dablam (Polish for charity)

Color Base: Boots No7 Speed Dry Grey Skies

Color Top: Elevation Polish Ama Dablam

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: No Top Coat

Notes: I thought I would give a little sneak peek at Ama Dablam. 100% of the proceeds of this polish are going to NCEF (Nepalese children’s eduction fund) Shipping is free. I’m covering the cost of shipping this polish even if this is the only polish you purchase. It was a little dark today so the picture isn’t as vivid as it could be. This is a limited edition color. Once it’s gone it will not be back. It is very costly to make.

Price: $12.00 per bottle which all $12.00 will be going to charity. Remember shipping on this is on me.

Availability: May 7th Restock, Limited edition & Quantities are limited.

About Ama Dablam the place:
Ama Dablam means “Mother’s necklace”; the long ridges on each side like the arms of a mother (ama) protecting her child, and the hanging glacier thought of as the dablam, the traditional double-pendant containing pictures of the gods, worn by Sherpa women. Ama Dablam hugs the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest basecamp.

About Ama Dablam the color:
Clear based nail polish with TONS of glitter. Some would call this a “Glitter Bomb.” You will need to add a top coat to this one. It has a slightly rough texture. I pictured it without top coat so you can see it without top coat.

  • Micro multi colored glitter
  • Micro Copper colored glitter
  • Green Teal Square glitter
  • Blue Teal Holographic Hex glitter
  • Copper colored Round Glitter (they look like little pennies)

About the Charity:
Nepalese Children’s Education Fund (NCEF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop the potential of disadvantaged Nepalese children through education. NCEF identifies children unable to pursue education because of economic situation of their families. Students are provided with tuition, textbooks and supplies to enroll in school. Our dedicated network of volunteers in Nepal meet regularly with the children and their parents to monitor the progress of the student through school. They have no office expenses, no salaries, all done by volunteers.

NCEF’s website
Elevation polish website Ama Dablam product page

13 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Ama Dablam (Polish for charity)

  1. OMG Lu?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?

    This is absolutely stunning. I better be able to snag a bottle!! I’ll be stalking like crazy! 🙂
    What a wonderful, gorgeous polish to create for something so close to your heart. It will surely sell out quickly!!
    And it looks great on you! 🙂

  2. ZOMG?!? I don’t think anyone can NOT have this reaction to it!!! When I scrolled down to the pictures I seriously did an “Ahhhhhh!!!!” *think Angels singing* when I saw it! =) SERIOUSLY!!! It’s That awesome!!! Man… so pretty… I can’t handle it!

    And then I read the description of the place it’s named after!! OMG!! How gorgeous and perfect and beautiful!! I adore the descriptions of your polishes! They make them just that much more special, and I totally love it! I might never get to visit any of these places, let alone a couple of them, but the inspirations paired with the polishes are just… awesome! Nice work lady!! This polish is SO worth $12!! I mean, the fact that the higher price was for charity would’ve made it worth it no matter what it was… but… this is SO worth it!

    Even more excited for the next opening!! And this time I’m gonna get the time zones down right! =) Totally was off by an hour last time! =0 But that’s okay, still grabbed some lovelies, and just that much better prepared for next month! =)

    • YAY! I’m glad you like this one. The whole thing is packed full of special. Special polish, special place, special meaning and most of all a special charity.

      I’m glad the descriptions are actually read. LOL I like adding little blurbs about how I came to the colors I did for the places they are inspired for. Like I’ve said many times since I’m not a writer these polishes are like my little travel journals. The stickers I put on the packages are pictures from my actual trips to the places that inspired the polishes. I get super nostalgic when I send out packages.

  3. Gah so pretty! and for charity?!! I know what I’m getting next restock!!
    I do love the little stickers btw.I’ve also been googling to see what the places your polishes are named after look like.

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