Elevation Polish: Update 4-9-2012

Hey Polish lovers-

Shipping news

All website & etsy orders from the weekend went out today. Between the two I tried to combine everyone’s shipping. I know some of you purchased from both places. If you haven’t received a combined shipping refund from me let me know. I’ll hop on that ASAP.

Restock of Japan Orders- Your group order with the new polishes will arrive in 1 week from today.

Italy/France- I’m still receiving orders so I haven’t shipped them out yet. I will email with further updates.

Interesting news

I got a really great idea from a customer. For those of you who want to stay on top of all the new polishes each month including the limited editions. I have a proposal. An Elevation polish membership. It costs nothing. It just means you are put on a list and automatically new polishes will be set aside for you. When your ready to check out just email me within a 3 day window of my restock so I can set up a custom listing for you. I’m leaving 15 spots open for this and already 7 spots have been taken. Additionally, you will receive an email on the 4th of each month with pictures of the up coming polishes so you can decide if you would like to skip that months polishes. email me at elevationpolish gmail if you would like to be on the list. Please note skipping 2 months in a row will result in the loss of your spot to make room for others.

EDIT: 4-10-2012: I extended it to 30 spots and all spots have been taken. I’m so glad you all liked this idea. If you haven’t gotten on the list but would like to let me know and I’ll add your name to the list in case someone drops out or skips that month.

Other news

I know it might be premature but there *may* be a collaboration in the works. I can’t say with whom yet but it’s pretty exciting. The collaboration is still in talks but my hope is that it will be a set of 2 polishes. An elevation polish base color and glitter topper from an exciting etsy brand. I’m not sure how far out this will be. It all depends on a bunch of factors. I was just too excited not to say anything.

Discontinued Colors

The discontinued colors for this month are: Yushan, Alphubel & Tirch Mir also Maroon Bells is on the chopping block unless I’ve got an out cry for it. I still have plenty of Glittertind left and that was discontinued last restock. Remember once these are gone they are gone for good.

Off for a little R&R… paint my nails and perhaps hug a mountain,



11 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Update 4-9-2012

    • I’ll put you on the list. 🙂 YAY for nail mail. I’m hoping I’ll have some myself today. I went a little nuts last week on etsy.

    • Awesome. I’ll sign you up. Is the email associated with the reply ok or would you like to be notified at another address? if different email me at elevationpolish gmail

  1. Got my package this morning and the new polishes are GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t believe I resisted Owen at first..and Ridn and Aurora are just beautiful. I did a mani with NL’s Don’t Blink last night and really can’t wait to take it off and try these hahah

    • YAY! I’m glad you like them. I was actually wearing Ridn with NL don’t blink on top the other day. It’s hard to take off don’t blink. I think it’s one of my favorite nerdlacquers. Owen has to be your first mani out of those. It’s such a fun blue/green.

      • Is it? I thought I would love it but am not really into it…could be because SOMEONE made me a jelly addict and I layered My Pointe Exactly on top and it’s dulling it too much. But I won’t give up on it yet!

        Done! Owen is going on these fingers tonight! 😀

      • Out Owen on last night and it is soooo freakin beautiful and shimmery! My only mistake is I layered it over a-england Galahad and I don’t think the two meshed entirely well, maybe because Galahad is so glossy…it ended up a little built-up at the tip wiht just one coat of each. Next time i’ll definitely wear it on it’s own.I think this one *might* be my fave, lulu!

      • Yikes in all my testing with owen as a topper I don’t think I’ve had that happen before. I don’t currently own any aenglands so maybe this might be a reason to try some out. I wish they would have played nice together. That color combo would be awesome. I’m debating making Owen a core color. It’s one of my favorites as well.

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