Elevation Polish: Update 4-6-2012

Hey Polish lovers,

Sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog. I’ve been working hard to get all the polishes made for the restock tomorrow. I’ll give you a quick run down of the latest news.

Tomorrow April 7th is my restocking. YAY! I’ll be stocking both Etsy and my new site. I will only have minimal stock on etsy as I’m trying to move away from etsy. If you haven’t seen my new website check it out. www.elevationpolish.com It’s so easy to use. Items will be held in your cart for 30 minutes so no more “cart jacking”  Double YAY! As always shipping updates and tracking numbers will be emailed via paypal or available on the paypal website.

There have been a couple of changes to the shipping process.

  • I’ve lowered the price of shipping to USA customers to $2.95 plus .50 cents each additional item.
  • International is still $11.50 USD for orders + lowered to .25 US cents each additional item . All international orders ship in a box so it’s safe and secure.
  • I will no longer be adding packing slips to orders unless it’s requested. I’m trying to save the trees. 🙂
  • On that note. I’ve switched the filler that is used in the boxes to an eco friendly recycled crinkle thingies. If you can please try to reuse these.
  • For all you Canadians out there. I haven’t forgot about you. I’m still looking into the best and cheapest way to get polishes to you. May 7th I’ll be rolling out new shipping rates for you.
  • Because I’m stocking multiple shops I can not combine shipping between the two. It’s way too confusing.

Please welcome the two newest polishes

  • Ridn- Grey creme with a hint green & shimmer
  • Froze to death- Gorgeous glitter topper with white hexes, bar/slice glitter, iridescent hexes, multi colored glitter

Other Exciting news

  • I’m making the move to go Vegan. That’s right vegan. I’m going through each pigment and product I use.  I’m trying to do my part to be totally cruelty free. What is the difference between cruelty free and vegan? Cruelty free means that the products aren’t tested on animals going vegan means I don’t use products that come from animals such as bee’s wax and lanolin (sheep’s wool) to name a few. I’ll be able to put my vegan stamp on it starting on May 7th as I’m still double checking everything.
  • May 7th I’m swinging high and hoping to bring you 4 new colors. Nya will be back, Ama dablam a polish for charity and 2 additional shades. I’m pretty excited about all 4 shades. I’ll be showing some sneak “peaks” during this month so be on the look out for those.

Restocking will happen at 9 PM tomorrow April 7th. I’m on central standard time (CST.) Please note my etsy shop will look open earlier so I can go through and edit listings. The etsy restock will be around 9:10 PM (CST.) Hope to see you there.



3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Update 4-6-2012

  1. Such wonderful news Lu!! I can’t wait to see the new colors tomorrow! And cool on them being vegan. Sometmes I feel I should have you on a pedestal!!!

    And so cool you are doing a polish for Charity. Which Charity?
    I have a bunch of polishes I want to make or have made for a couple Charities that are close to my heart.(or in one case, close to my kidney!! lol) I’m so lazy though, and think I will screw it up. I should give you the ideas with the colors and names(they’re pretty clever!!) and you can do it!! LOL

    Oh yeah, Ridn and Froze to death better be mine!! Bawahahahah!!! (I don’t even ice climb and I’m always feeling ‘Froze to death’!!! So all you people reading this; save one of each for me tomorrow!!!!

    • Your too sweet lauri. The charity is Nepalese children’s education fund. (NCEF) They have no idea they have money coming their way. Hopefully I can raise some funds to give at least 1 child an education. Shipping is totally free on this polish. On my website if you click Ama Dablam you can read all about the polish inspiration and charity. It’s a great cause. You should email me the polishes you’d like to make. I’d love to do some custom work for charity. It makes them so special.

      LOL @ your evil laugh. mwahahaahahahah indeed.

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