BNP: Elevation Polish Pico do fogo + Haze Glaze Bling It!

Elevation Polish Pico do fogo alone

Haze Glaze Bling it on top

Color Base: Elevation Polish Pico do fogo

Color Top: Haze Glaze Bling It!

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Butter London PD Quick Top Coat

Notes: This is something I totally adore. Pairing two indie polishes together to create a custom look. Yeah elevation polish is my line and of course I love it. Sometimes you just need a little more bling. That is exactly what this haze glaze brings to the table. Bling! Gorgeous glowing gold hexes in a brown base. It’s mesmerizing. Some of the gold hexes are HUGE! I just couldn’t stop staring at them. The attract the light and shine. The only down sides I found to the haze glaze was that it took some good old fashion shaking to get all the glitters to suspend enough to do all my nails and the brown base is a bit on the sheer side so “undies” are necessary unless you don’t mind visible nail line. This was given to me as a gift from a friend who knows I love browns. If I had purchased it myself I would say that it’s worth every penny. I think the version I have is just slightly different then the version that is for sale now. My polish doesn’t have string/bar glitters.


Elevation Polish’s Website

Haze Glaze on Etsy

3 thoughts on “BNP: Elevation Polish Pico do fogo + Haze Glaze Bling It!

  1. Looks awesome Lu.
    Unfortunately I can’t do this same mani. I got the Pico do fogo, but I don’t have the Bling It!!! Maybe this needs to change!!!!! lol 🙂

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