Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Froze to Death

Color Base: Elevation Polish Froze to death

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat

Notes: Froze to death pictured over China Glaze Smoke & Ashes which is a black with a hint of micro glitter. While I’m still trying to lock down all the supplies to make this one. I’m keeping my finger crossed it’s all going to come together by the end of the week. I’ve got enough supplies to make only few of these until I lock it all down. I’m very hopeful though my supplier has been super quick. This is very much like a quickman’s galaxy mani. It’s got every thing. White Slices, 3 kinds of white hex, Multi colored glitter, Iridescent hexes. So far it’s looked amazing over every color I’ve tried it on. Black shows off all this polish has to offer the best. With a Matte coat it totally transforms froze to death. It’s pretty sweet. I’ll have to take pics in the morning since I lost light this evening. This shade was inspired by an actual mountain in Montana named Froze to death which is also close to a plateau & lake of the same name. The thumb swatch is one coat. I’m pretty sure I added two coats to the rest of my fingers.

This shade will only be available on my new website http://www.elevationpolish.com It’s going to be the standard elevation price of $8.00 USD. I’m also going to be adjusting to a new lowered shipping price.

Elevation Polish Website

8 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside Look at Froze to Death

  1. Okay, this is so frickin’ awesome!! I NEED it now!! 🙂

    Love how it looks over black. Hoping everything goes well with your supplier and you will have this on your site SOON!!

    • I’ll have a couple on my site on the 7th and from there… we will have to see if everything falls into place. I’m sure it will. I’m super excited about this one.

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