Elevation Polish: Update 3-23-2012

Thanks for such a great turn out for my polish launch!


I received an overwhelming amount of support and emails today and last night. I’m currently taking a small break from making bubble wrap nail polish burritos. All orders will go out mostly today but some tomorrow morning.

To answer a couple of questions I got….

1. If you placed multiple orders separately  you should have gotten a shipping refund from me already. If you haven’t yet received your refund let me know so I can look at your orders.

2.  Nyamuragira. It’s a limited edition shade for my grand opening. It can not be purchased. It is being thrown in as a gift for several lucky random purchasers and customers that purchased full sets. I might bring it back do to the response I received on that one. It’s very complex to make so I’m not sure yet.

3. Only two shades will not be making a come back. Glittertind & Cerro Torre. 2 New exciting shades will be taking their place. I do have some left over glittertind but once it sells out. The stock won’t be replaced.

4. WOW you gals loved Maroon Bells. I got more requests for this one than any other of my polishes. When I restock  I will have double the stock on this one along with Elbrus, The Arches at sunset & Avalanche!

5. A full restock will happen on the 7th of April and every 7th after that.


Again, Thank you all for your support. I can’t wait to see your swatch pictures!!!

♥ Lulu

6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Update 3-23-2012

  1. Thank you so much for combining shipping.
    I know it is hard and I wasn’t expecting it (hence why I didn’t even ask), but thank you :).
    I think you had a pretty successful opening, I cannot wait to try the ones I ordered.

    • I really wanted to make sure that there was no price gouging with the shipping price. I totally understand why some etsy sellers won’t do it. It’s difficult. I think the time is worth it though.

  2. Cool Beans Lu!! So glad you had a Grand Opening you deserve!!

    Will patiently(yeah right!!) wait to see your new colors!!

    You totally ROCK!!! 🙂

  3. Ah, can’t say I’m not disappointed there will be no more Glitterind or Nyamuragira. Didn’t manage to nab them, but I guess it happens. The other shades are still gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to the restock! I’ll make sure to stay up as late as I have to to get what I want 😛

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