Elevation Polish: Update 3-21-2012

Just a Quick update.

I’m so excited about the launching tomorrow on etsy. I have updated the elevation polish page on my blog to reflect the final version of each of the polishes. I am incredibly sad to say that RIDNITSOHKKA (Ridn) didn’t make the cut this time around. It will be available in the future though.

If you haven’t taken a peek yet. Check out the new photos.

I’ve had horrible lighting these past few days so the colors aren’t 100% accurate. I’m hoping the sun will come out tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Update 3-21-2012

  1. You have some beautiful colors!! Yes good luck! I think you will do amazing with those colors! I would be careful though. I was told by an email from etsy after they closed my shop that handcrafted polish couldnt be sold on their site! Even though there are tons of other shops that sell it.

  2. I am so excited for you Lu. I hope all goes well for you. (and that Etsy is not closing down Nail Polish Shops as indicated in the above posts).

    You have worked so hard on these, and I hope you are Super Successful!! 🙂

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