Other Colors: Versace V2077

Color Base: Versace V2077

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Butter London PD Quick Top Coat

Notes: I seriously EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKed a bunch when this came in the mail. I’ve been on the hunt of this one for years! It’s one of those items that I’ve endlessly searched ebay everyday for, stalked MUA. Did everything possible to hunt down this color. Why have I been on the hunt for this one? I wish my pictures could speak a thousand words here but sadly they can’t. What makes this polish special isn’t the fact that it’s rare. It’s the fact that it’s a black polish base with color shifting micro glitters. Most of the time it will look black but then it captures the light and it flashes red and then like a miracle in certain lights under the right conditions it flashes green! The green flash happens rarely but when it does it’s mesmerizing! I swear I can’t drive while wearing this color. Each time I grip the steering wheel it flashes the green. It’s a total distraction. I’m posting a really really fuzzy pic of the bottle. I managed to photograph some of the green in the bottle.


Here is a link to better photos of this awesome color. Polish Wasteland

2 thoughts on “Other Colors: Versace V2077

  1. Wow,what a cool, black polish. So great that you finally have it after searching so long!! :)
    What year is it from, and how did you finally obtain it?

    Also, are there any other black polishes out there wih any of these properties or at least some similarities?

    • I think it’s from 2008 but I’m not completely sure. I got this as an amazing gift from a friend. I’ve got really great nail polish friends! I tell ya! They are too kind to me. I haven’t really seen anything like this polish It often gets compared to Clarins 230, Maxfactor fantasy fire. I don’t really see that though. It’s completely different than those ones. It’s just a rare duochrome. Black polish with a topper of konfusion brand automotive pigments (shift from green to red) I’m pretty sure a few etsy sellers sell pre-mixed versions of this topper. It will give a similar effect.

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