Elevation Polish: AVALANCHE!

Avalanche! with Xixabangma as a base color

Avalanche! with Cerro Torre as a base color

Color Base: Elevation Polish Avalanche!

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Butter London PD Quick Top Coat

Notes: When I first thought of this concept. It started off as what color would look like an avalanche? There really is no color to avalanches. Avalanches tare up there surroundings, throw moisture and snow into the air. It’s frightening and yet so beautiful to watch. Watching one in real life it flashes small bits of the colors of the items it’s bringing down the mountain. It’s a little bit of everything! The moisture flying in the air makes it shine and shimmer. I could only do the most logical thing. Use Holographic everything! Small bits, big bits, micro bits. 10 different types of holographic glitter go into to make this polish. I’m sure most won’t see the difference between all the glitter types, some are really similar. When you first swipe it on the nail it will mostly be mirco holographic glitter, few particles here and there, keep layering it gets better…. Tip the polish upside down for a second or two… the larger bits come to the top. Then swipe the brush where you want the larger bits to go. It gives it the full avalanche! effect!

P.S please excuse the pics of Cerro Torre. I forgot to clean up my cuticles before I took the photos.

3 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: AVALANCHE!

  1. Iza got one comment for this polish…


    Okay I got more!:snicker:
    Everyone should experience this kind of Avalanche!! Just beautiful Lu.

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