Elevation Polish: Etsy Shop Opening Date decided

Opening Day Decided!!!

My etsy shop will be opening March, 23rd 2012

Remember to add my shop to your favorites so you can be notified when it opens.
Elevation Polish on Etsy

Other News: Today is the day. I sent out polishes to my testers. I’m eagerly going to await feedback on them. Other notes about my etsy shop. I will only be restocking my shop once a month. Once a shade is gone. It’s gone for the duration of the month. Depending on monthly feedback I may or may not bring shades back. There is a Limited Edition Shade for my grand opening. I couple of random first day purchasers will receive a polish named “Nyamuragira.” It’s a volcano and an amazing color inspiration. Think Fire & Molten Lava. Purchasers who buy the full line of elevation polish will automatically be receiving this polish as a thank you.


13 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Etsy Shop Opening Date decided

  1. Ooowee!!! The excitement fills the air!! Can’t wait to see your store filled with your entire line, and then… Not!!!! πŸ™‚
    Pretty sure you’ll be a sell out with the great colors you’ve created and how they tie in to the Mountains you’ve conquered!!
    So proud of you Lu!!:hugs:

    • Awe…<3 thanks hun. Some of the final products varied from my original thought but they are still awesome and I'm just as excited about them. I'm wondering how many people caught that I posted a picture of one of my top secret polishes (Avalanche!) in this post. πŸ™‚

  2. I saw the Avalanche. Should I have run for cover!! LOL

    Can’t wait to see this gliitter, holographic top coat over some colors!!! :rubbing hands together in glee:

    • The avalanche! requires a “MWAHAAHAHAHAHA!” *rubs hands together* I think it’s pretty amazing but I did create it so I’m biased.

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