Elevation Polish: Inside look Tirich Mir

Color Base: OPI Black Onyx

Color Top: Elevation Polish Tirich Mir

Base Coat: Butter London Foundation Base Coat

Top Coat: Butter London PD Quick Top Coat

Notes: Ok not the best photos. The little flakie goodnesses kept getting washed out. I’m so close to being done with my collection. I’m so excited. The final version of this varied from my original thought. I didn’t end up liking the red at all. This final version has Green, Blue and the slightest hints of violet and gold flakes. It’s not tinted at all so it can be worn with any color as a base. Man I wish I had better photo skills!


Preview of the collection here

Elevation Polish on Etsy

2 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Inside look Tirich Mir

  1. One of Lu’s own!! Woohoo!!! This looks great. I am so looking forward to you entire collection!

    You are gonna blow the roof right off the ceiling!! The anticipation is keeping me way, ay, ay ay, ay, aiting!!! 🙂

    • I wish I didn’t have to keep anyone waiting. I’m sort of stuck in this rut of waiting on a couple of supplies so I can release the line as a whole and not just bits and pieces. The finished bottles are just taunting me to ship them out already.

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